Camp 2012

June 29, 2012



Fridays of Culinary Camp are always bitter sweet. The end of the week means we say goodbye to the campers, buuuut we finally get to enjoy all the delicious food we made during the week at our parent party. Culinary campers had an awesome day today. We spent the morning in the garden with Michelle learning how to make lavender wands and herb pots.


Taylor and Jillian show off their lavender wands!

 When we came inside we used our cheese making skills we learned earlier in the week to make ricotta cheese. We also made a sweet carrot puree and Moroccan chicken Tagine. Later on we used these hot temperatures to see if we could fry an egg on the sidewalk! We also learned about the different parts of an eggg (yolk, albumin, and chaleza), and saw the difference between eggs we buy at the store and eggs we collect from our own chickens.


Just talkin’ about eggs . . .


Check out that egg yolk!


Comparing our own eggs to the store bought eggs.


Peter cracks our first egg for our EGGperiment!


Outdoor egg frying EGGstravaganza!


That manhole cover sure is hot. . .maybe it will cook our egg?


For physical activity, campers completed a 5 part obstacle course complete with water guns.


Giddy up noodle!


Sophia skips her way though the hula hoops!


Jessica is ready for action!


Go Olivia go!!!!


Best way to cool off in this weather!


Check us out!


To end the week campers made lasagna using their own ricotta.


That’s some gorgeous lasagna Jilian . . .


Ladies cooking lasagna!


Spreading out the homemade ricotta!Image

Amelia’s kitchen!


Cooking with Victoria!



This was a great week of Culinary Camp.

Time to go relax at the parent party!




Camp 2012

June 28, 2012

Most of the time, we don’t like bugs. They bite us, sting us, eat our food. . . so who would have ever thought bugs might be a good thing? This morning, Marilyn, our resident gardener, taught the campers all about friends and foes of the garden. . . or in other words good bugs and bad bugs.

Campers learned that some bugs are necessary for plant reproduction, while others can rapidly destroy an entire bed of crops! To take a closer look at these insects we caught them in our bug jars!

After lending a helping hand in the garden, we continued on with the trend by lending a hand to SLU organization that benefits people in need.  Campus Kitchens is a program that uses donated food from local grocery stores to cook and distrubute meals for at need families in our community.  Today we helped them out by cooking 12 dinners- and they even fit in with our Mediterranean theme. Gyros, fresh baked pita bread, yogurt sauce, cous cous and appricot crisp- yum!

Cous cous- yum yum!
Got extra dough? Make mustaches, of course!
Camp 2012

June 27, 2012

Today in the garden, we had Disability Day! Each camper could go around to different stations to learn about life with a disability.  It was very eye-opening to try ordinary tasks with a disability.

One station wore goggles that impaired our vision. We tried to read recipes wearing the goggles- it was tricky! We also helped weed some garden beds, which was tough to tell the difference between the weeds and the crops.

Another station showed us some adaptive tools we can use for people who have hand disabilities. We chopped carrots using a special rocking knife on an adaptive cutting board. It was built on a slant and had pegs that can help keep the foods we are chopping in place.

Our good friend Willie came for a visit from Paraquad to teach us about how to use a wheel chair. We practiced navigating around the garden, turning in circles and even going up the ramp into the van.

The last station helped Michelle harvest blackberries while wearing leg braces. It made bending down to get the berries on the low branches pretty tricky!

To take full advantage of everything our garden has to offer, we decided to have cooking time outdoors this morning! We are cooking our own lunch of delicious hand tossed pizzas. We made the dough yesterday afternoon so that the yeast could work and make it rise overnight. We picked out our favorite toppings, rolled out the dough and had Chef Dan help us cook them in the outdoor pizza oven.

Later in the afternoon we made a plethora of Mediterranean dishes. We seasoned and rolled our very own Lamb Meatballs and baked them until they were golden brown. Along with that dish, we made a Mediterranean classic, Dolmades, which are grape leaves stuffed with a seasoned rice mixture. Lastly, we made Spanakopita or otherwise known as spinach pie. It was definitely the favorite out of the bunch, and everyone even got a chance to take a slice home (that is if it wasn’t devoured before they left camp 🙂 ) Overall, it was quite a successful and fun-filled day!

We look forward to tomorrow-Campus  Kitchen cooking and POOL DAY! Woohoo! Don’t forget your swimsuits and sunscreen 😉

Camp 2012

June 26, 2012

Field Trip is day by far one of the best days at Culinary Camp! Today we got to venture out to Alpine Dairy. The kids experienced first-hand what it is like to run a dairy farm which included milking goats, feeding chickens, and making homemade goat and cow cheeses…YUM! And there was even a few week old baby goat to be seen.

After the dairy farm, we ventured off to Schlafly Bottleworks to tour their very own herb garden. We learned about the various types of plants and herbs as well as some fun facts regarding the nutrition of each herb. Nothing tastes better then fresh, organically grown herbs!

Once we returned to SLU, we headed to the food lab to make today’s batch of recipes. Homemade pizza dough and pasta was on the menu this afternoon. And let’s not forget the fresh tomato marinara sauce. Tomorrow in the garden will be a great treat-we get to make the pizzas outside in the pizza oven! Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s festivities 🙂

Camp 2012

June 25, 2012

to culinary camp! We dove right in to our week of foodie fun by discovering where our food comes from in the first place- the ground! Miss Michelle gave us a tour of our organic garden here at SLU, where we learned we don’t use any chemicals to grow our food. We were happy to give her a helping hand harvesting some beets, and planting some new ones too! We also planted some carrot seeds and swiss chard seeds too. After our fun garden time, we went upstairs to the food lab kitchens, where we learned all about knife safety. We practiced our new cutting skills by preparing some vegetables which we pickled. This week is Mediterranean themed, so we made some Gardinera, or spicy Italian pickled vegetables. We can’t wait to try them tomorrow! They will go great with our red pepper hummus- yum!

This afternoon was full of culinary fun! Before we dove into our latest batch of Mediterranean themed recipes, we had physical activity time. The kids enjoyed some intense games of freeze tag–stuck-in-the-mud style 🙂 And let’s not forget everyone’s childhood favorite, Red Rover! Immediately following our fun in the sun, we headed up into the food lab to make homemade almond chocolate chip biscotti. Let’s just say the aroma of the kitchen was leaving everyone’s mouth watering. In between mixing and baking our cookies, we made babaganoush and marinated olives. Babaganoush is a mashed eggplant with seasonings dish that is fairly popular withing the mediterranean region. Olives are also quite a delicacy within that region. We  are looking forward for what’s in store tomorrow…a trip to a dairy farm, pizza dough, and lots and lots of cheese!!!

Camp 2012

June 21, 2012

Thursday is a special day at Culinary Camp.  On thursdays, the food that we cook in the morning is donated to Campus Kitchen, a SLU organization dedicated to delivering meals to various community agencies around St. Louis.  Campus kitchen receives food donations and uses the food to make meals for those who need it.  About 2,000 meals and snacks are delivered every month to places such as the Salvation Army Family Haven, Blumeyer community Center, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Council towers.

This morning, we made philly cheese steak sandwiches, homemade french fries, salad, and strawberry bread (yum!).

Your philly cheese steak looks so delicious! Great job!
Anna and Erica working hard on the strawberry bread! It’s gonna be great!

After cooking all of this delicious food for Campus Kitchen, the next step was to package all of the food so that it could be delivered.

All of the food came together well and will make a great meal for someone!

After the food was packaged, it was ready to be given to Campus Kitchen to be distributed.  We dropped off the packaged meals and volunteers at Campus Kitchen distributed them at Council Towers.  We also toured Campus Kitchen and got a look at the huge equipment they use to cook large amounts of food.

Our tour guide, Hannah, explained what Campus Kitchen is about
Hannah showed us the convection oven that they use
We got a chance to stand in the freezer, which was 0 degrees! Brrrrr!
Everyone enjoyed learning about how Campus kitchen works

Finally, we finished off the day with a pool party at SLUruba! It felt good to swim after a day of cooking!

We had so much fun at SLUruba!
Ahhhhhh relaxing by the pool…what a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Today was an awesome day! We learned about how we can use cooking to help people.  It’s great to use a fun hobby to help those around us.  And after a long hot week, an afternoon in the pool was just the thing to do!

Camp 2012

June 20, 2012

Today in the garden, we had Disability Day! Each camper could go around to different stations to learn about life with a disability.  It was very eye-opening to try ordinary tasks with a disability.

At one station, we learned about life with visual impairments.  Campers tried on goggles covered with ceran wrap and attempted to plant seeds.

Tyree is learning what it is like to plant seeds with visual impairment

Another common disability is arthritis.  It can cause painful joints , making fine motor movements uncomfortable.  We gave campers hand splints and special knives so that they could experience chopping carrots with arthritis.

Having arthritis makes tasks like chopping more difficult, but these girls can handle it!

We also had a special guest, Willie, who taught the campers all about life in a wheelchair.  Each teen tried to maneuver around the area in a wheelchair.  It was harder than it looked, especially on the rocky areas!

Lined up and ready to try Willie’s obstacle course!

After trying the obstacle course, some campers tried to roll up Willie’s ramp into the car.  It was very difficult!

Great job making it up and down the ramp!

Lastly, campers also experienced life with leg splints.  While wearing the splints, the teens did various activities such as harvesting onions and pulling weeds.

Kailyn is hard at work with her leg splint! The garden is going to look great!

After learning about life with a disability, we made personal pizzas in the pizza oven right there in the garden!

The first step was to roll out the pizza dough that we made yesterday.

Each camper got a piece of dough so that they could roll their own personal pizza

The next step was to add the sauce, cheese and toppings.  We had tons of topping and each camper had a uniquely delicious combination

Bell peppers…sauce…squash…pepperoni….so yummy!

Chef Brian came and helped us use the pizza oven! Thanks, Chef Brian! Those pizzas look great!

We can’t wait for those pizzas to get done!
It was awesome to use an authentic pizza oven to make our pizza
How does it taste, girls?

This afternoon, we were back to cooking in the food labs. We made a fancy french meatloaf, known as a pate. We also started braising some short ribs for some delicious tacos on Friday. Last but not least, we whipped up a tasty garlicy marinade for some grilled chicken which will be showcased at the parent party on Friday. Look forward to some GREAT street food-style eating!