Camp 2012

June 5,2012

Days one and two of camp have flown by!

Monday was packed full of gardening, cooking and, enjoying some fun in the sun playing soccer. We pickled our own cucumbers and carrots, made our own barbecue sauces, made homemade cracker jacks and learned about cooking with Kale and Collard Greens.

Tuesday was busy with a field trip to Alpine Dairy and Schlafly Bottleworks!

At Alpine dairy,  Merryl Winstein showed us how to milked goats raised on the farm and even let us hang out with her backyard chickens! She showed us an easy way to make ricotta cheese with vinegar and milk, and let us try other types of she makes with her cheese making classes!

Schlafly Bottleworks gave us an in depth tour of their organic garden. Kids were able to learn directly from the gardeners about the vegetables they grow. They were even able to try some Saurel and Dill!

Check out the pictures below!


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