Camp 2012

June 7th, 2012

Most of the time, we don’t like bugs. They bite us, sting us, eat our food. . . so who would have ever thought bugs might be a good thing? This morning, Marilyn, our resident gardener, taught the campers all about friends and foes of the garden. . . or in other words good bugs and bad bugs.

Campers learned that some bugs are necessary for plant reproduction, while others can rapidly destroy an entire bed of crops! To take a closer look at these insects we caught them in our bug jars!

Marilyn shows which insects are friends and which are foes.

Hangin’ in the garden!

Jacob and Vincent are ready for the bug hunt!

Careful not to squish it Nick!

 Whatcha got in there Olivia?

Ready for some bug catchin’!

Excellent catch Sophia!

There must be something pretty cool over here. . .


Got em’!

 Hmm are chickens friends or foes of the garden. . . ?

Food for the bugs!

After all their bug catching, campers worked toward the noble cause of providing food for those in need. They cooked a delicious meal of  pan seared peppers and potatoes, bean salsa, baked chicken and strawberry bread. The meals were taken to Campus Kitchen an on campus organization which creates opportunities for students (and kids!) to volunteer their time cooking and delivering meals to the community.

When the campers arrived at Campus Kitchen, they were lucky enough to get a tour from Jenny Bird, the Campus Kitchen coordinator!

Jenny talks about Campus K!

Just checkin’ out the donations room. . .

 Behold – the largest refrigerator you’ve seen in your life. . .

 We MUST go in it!

 You could make a HUGE pizza in that pizza oven!

After all their hard work this week campers spent a well earned afternoon splashing in the water of SLU Ruba!

So excited to be at the pool!

What’s swimming without splashing?

Who knew SLU had its own beach?

Ashlyn the mermaid!

This week has flown by! Can’t wait for the party tomorrow!