Camp 2012

Monday June 11

In the kitchen, we learned about knife safety. We practiced our new skills by making pickles, and chopping lots of different veggies! We can’t wait to try them later this week once they have finished brining.

Next we made Crema Verde using sour cream, cilantro and jalepenos. It fits in great with our Central American theme. Mmmm que delicioso!

In the garden, we learned all about companion planting. We planted radishes near the butternut squash plants, to help keep away the pesky cucumber beatles. This means we dont have to use any chemicals or pesticides- hooray for organic gardening!For our physical activity, we played sharks and minnows.  Get ready…get set…GO!

Watch out, minnows!

We taught the kids how to take their pulse and how to reach their target pulse rate.  All this running gave us some good exercise!

After fun with sharks and minnows, we got back to cooking.  Here is the beginning of a sauce for poblano chile rellenos.  Don’t forget to cover the top of the blender!

We are so excited to make the poblano chile rellenos! Yum!

We also made pozole rojo.  We used the blender again to make a great sauce with dried red chiles, garlic, and onion.  Sounds awesome!