Camp 2012

June 13, 2012

“What is a disability?” was the question facing culinary campers upon their arrival this morning. Today, camp opened with Disability Awareness Day activities in the garden. Disability awareness day  brings campers attention to challenges faced by people with all types of disabilities. As they work in the garden,  the kids get a chance to see what it feels like to have some of these limitations.

To begin Disability Awareness Day,  we had a visit with Willie, a member of Paraquad – an organization that helps people with disabilities gain independance. Willie discussed what it means to have a disability, and even allowed them to try out a wheelchair! Many of the campers said it was much harder than they expected!

Learning how to walk with a leg splint

Adjusting a leg splint is tricky!

Learning how to use an adaptive cutting board, special knife and can opener.

Navigating through the garden in a wheelchair. This makes gardening more difficult, but still possible!



After garden time, it was time for…more garden time! We decided to bring the kitchen down to us this morning, and took advantage of the grill and pizza oven to prepare our foods.  On the menu today were empanadas, which are similar to a Central American- style hot pocket! We filled our dough with lots of fresh eggplant from our garden, onions, tomatos and spicy chorizo and then baked them in the wood burning oven. We also made a grilled bean and corn salad with  salad greens we picked this morning! We were lucky enough to eat our creations for lunch!

 Anya rolling out empanada dough we made Tuesday afternoon

 Peeling tomatillos so we can grill them and make a yummy salasa later today!

Ingredients for our fresh saladJackson chopping onions for our empanda filling


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