June 14, 2012

Most of the time, we don’t like bugs. They bite us, sting us, eat our food. . . so who would have ever thought bugs might be a good thing? This morning, Marilyn, our resident gardener, taught the campers all about friends and foes of the garden. . . or in other words good bugs and bad bugs.

Campers learned that some bugs are necessary for plant reproduction, while others can rapidly destroy an entire bed of crops! To take a closer look at these insects we caught them in our bug jars!

Searching for bugs hanging around the water.

Foe- Captured!

Learning all about the acronym PLANTS

After having some fun in the dirt, we washed our hands and made some food!!

getting their hands dirty in a different way!!

doggie treats 🙂


We all visited Campus Kitchen after preparing the food for them.  We learned that they serve food to two apartment buildings near campus who have residents that need assistance.

looking in the steamer!

Brrr…a walk-in freezer