Camp 2012

June 18, 2012

Look out SLU! Teens and Food Trucks have invaded the Allied Health campus this week. The day started off with time spent in SLU’s very own garden. With guidance from our garden experts, Marilyn and Michelle, we planted a variety of melons and cucumbers as well as harvested newly grown turnips. We even were able to catch a glimpse of the chickens and honey bees that reside there. Nothing tastes better than freshly laid chicken eggs and harvested veggies!

After time spent in the garden, it was off to the Food Lab to start off the day’s cooking adventures. Chef Dan introduced us to this week’s theme of Food Truck foods as well as freshened up our culinary and knife skills. In the morning, we pickled our own vegetables with a Giardiniera recipe and topped it off with some homemade Salsa Verde.

During lunch, which was catered by the lovely Fresh Gatherings Cafe, we learned about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. An intense game of capture the flag followed and concluded with a group roll down the hill 🙂

Cooking in the afternoon was an extra special treat. Anyone with a sweet tooth beware! The pictures below may leave your mouth watering for Chef Todd’s scrumptious Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. We even melted and designed our own dark chocolate to top off this sweet treat.  Cupcakes, definitely the best recipe to finish off the day!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow…a trip to Huckleberry Farm and homemade pizza dough is on the menu. Now, please excuse me while I go taste test those cupcakes to make sure they are safe to eat 🙂