Camp 2012

June 20, 2012

Today in the garden, we had Disability Day! Each camper could go around to different stations to learn about life with a disability.  It was very eye-opening to try ordinary tasks with a disability.

At one station, we learned about life with visual impairments.  Campers tried on goggles covered with ceran wrap and attempted to plant seeds.

Tyree is learning what it is like to plant seeds with visual impairment

Another common disability is arthritis.  It can cause painful joints , making fine motor movements uncomfortable.  We gave campers hand splints and special knives so that they could experience chopping carrots with arthritis.

Having arthritis makes tasks like chopping more difficult, but these girls can handle it!

We also had a special guest, Willie, who taught the campers all about life in a wheelchair.  Each teen tried to maneuver around the area in a wheelchair.  It was harder than it looked, especially on the rocky areas!

Lined up and ready to try Willie’s obstacle course!

After trying the obstacle course, some campers tried to roll up Willie’s ramp into the car.  It was very difficult!

Great job making it up and down the ramp!

Lastly, campers also experienced life with leg splints.  While wearing the splints, the teens did various activities such as harvesting onions and pulling weeds.

Kailyn is hard at work with her leg splint! The garden is going to look great!

After learning about life with a disability, we made personal pizzas in the pizza oven right there in the garden!

The first step was to roll out the pizza dough that we made yesterday.

Each camper got a piece of dough so that they could roll their own personal pizza

The next step was to add the sauce, cheese and toppings.  We had tons of topping and each camper had a uniquely delicious combination

Bell peppers…sauce…squash…pepperoni….so yummy!

Chef Brian came and helped us use the pizza oven! Thanks, Chef Brian! Those pizzas look great!

We can’t wait for those pizzas to get done!
It was awesome to use an authentic pizza oven to make our pizza
How does it taste, girls?

This afternoon, we were back to cooking in the food labs. We made a fancy french meatloaf, known as a pate. We also started braising some short ribs for some delicious tacos on Friday. Last but not least, we whipped up a tasty garlicy marinade for some grilled chicken which will be showcased at the parent party on Friday. Look forward to some GREAT street food-style eating!