Camp 2012

June 21, 2012

Thursday is a special day at Culinary Camp.  On thursdays, the food that we cook in the morning is donated to Campus Kitchen, a SLU organization dedicated to delivering meals to various community agencies around St. Louis.  Campus kitchen receives food donations and uses the food to make meals for those who need it.  About 2,000 meals and snacks are delivered every month to places such as the Salvation Army Family Haven, Blumeyer community Center, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Council towers.

This morning, we made philly cheese steak sandwiches, homemade french fries, salad, and strawberry bread (yum!).

Your philly cheese steak looks so delicious! Great job!
Anna and Erica working hard on the strawberry bread! It’s gonna be great!

After cooking all of this delicious food for Campus Kitchen, the next step was to package all of the food so that it could be delivered.

All of the food came together well and will make a great meal for someone!

After the food was packaged, it was ready to be given to Campus Kitchen to be distributed.  We dropped off the packaged meals and volunteers at Campus Kitchen distributed them at Council Towers.  We also toured Campus Kitchen and got a look at the huge equipment they use to cook large amounts of food.

Our tour guide, Hannah, explained what Campus Kitchen is about
Hannah showed us the convection oven that they use
We got a chance to stand in the freezer, which was 0 degrees! Brrrrr!
Everyone enjoyed learning about how Campus kitchen works

Finally, we finished off the day with a pool party at SLUruba! It felt good to swim after a day of cooking!

We had so much fun at SLUruba!
Ahhhhhh relaxing by the pool…what a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Today was an awesome day! We learned about how we can use cooking to help people.  It’s great to use a fun hobby to help those around us.  And after a long hot week, an afternoon in the pool was just the thing to do!


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