Camp 2012

June 25, 2012

to culinary camp! We dove right in to our week of foodie fun by discovering where our food comes from in the first place- the ground! Miss Michelle gave us a tour of our organic garden here at SLU, where we learned we don’t use any chemicals to grow our food. We were happy to give her a helping hand harvesting some beets, and planting some new ones too! We also planted some carrot seeds and swiss chard seeds too. After our fun garden time, we went upstairs to the food lab kitchens, where we learned all about knife safety. We practiced our new cutting skills by preparing some vegetables which we pickled. This week is Mediterranean themed, so we made some Gardinera, or spicy Italian pickled vegetables. We can’t wait to try them tomorrow! They will go great with our red pepper hummus- yum!

This afternoon was full of culinary fun! Before we dove into our latest batch of Mediterranean themed recipes, we had physical activity time. The kids enjoyed some intense games of freeze tag–stuck-in-the-mud style 🙂 And let’s not forget everyone’s childhood favorite, Red Rover! Immediately following our fun in the sun, we headed up into the food lab to make homemade almond chocolate chip biscotti. Let’s just say the aroma of the kitchen was leaving everyone’s mouth watering. In between mixing and baking our cookies, we made babaganoush and marinated olives. Babaganoush is a mashed eggplant with seasonings dish that is fairly popular withing the mediterranean region. Olives are also quite a delicacy within that region. We  are looking forward for what’s in store tomorrow…a trip to a dairy farm, pizza dough, and lots and lots of cheese!!!