Camp 2012

June 26, 2012

Field Trip is day by far one of the best days at Culinary Camp! Today we got to venture out to Alpine Dairy. The kids experienced first-hand what it is like to run a dairy farm which included milking goats, feeding chickens, and making homemade goat and cow cheeses…YUM! And there was even a few week old baby goat to be seen.

After the dairy farm, we ventured off to Schlafly Bottleworks to tour their very own herb garden. We learned about the various types of plants and herbs as well as some fun facts regarding the nutrition of each herb. Nothing tastes better then fresh, organically grown herbs!

Once we returned to SLU, we headed to the food lab to make today’s batch of recipes. Homemade pizza dough and pasta was on the menu this afternoon. And let’s not forget the fresh tomato marinara sauce. Tomorrow in the garden will be a great treat-we get to make the pizzas outside in the pizza oven! Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s festivities 🙂


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