Camp 2012

June 27, 2012

Today in the garden, we had Disability Day! Each camper could go around to different stations to learn about life with a disability.  It was very eye-opening to try ordinary tasks with a disability.

One station wore goggles that impaired our vision. We tried to read recipes wearing the goggles- it was tricky! We also helped weed some garden beds, which was tough to tell the difference between the weeds and the crops.

Another station showed us some adaptive tools we can use for people who have hand disabilities. We chopped carrots using a special rocking knife on an adaptive cutting board. It was built on a slant and had pegs that can help keep the foods we are chopping in place.

Our good friend Willie came for a visit from Paraquad to teach us about how to use a wheel chair. We practiced navigating around the garden, turning in circles and even going up the ramp into the van.

The last station helped Michelle harvest blackberries while wearing leg braces. It made bending down to get the berries on the low branches pretty tricky!

To take full advantage of everything our garden has to offer, we decided to have cooking time outdoors this morning! We are cooking our own lunch of delicious hand tossed pizzas. We made the dough yesterday afternoon so that the yeast could work and make it rise overnight. We picked out our favorite toppings, rolled out the dough and had Chef Dan help us cook them in the outdoor pizza oven.

Later in the afternoon we made a plethora of Mediterranean dishes. We seasoned and rolled our very own Lamb Meatballs and baked them until they were golden brown. Along with that dish, we made a Mediterranean classic, Dolmades, which are grape leaves stuffed with a seasoned rice mixture. Lastly, we made Spanakopita or otherwise known as spinach pie. It was definitely the favorite out of the bunch, and everyone even got a chance to take a slice home (that is if it wasn’t devoured before they left camp 🙂 ) Overall, it was quite a successful and fun-filled day!

We look forward to tomorrow-Campus  Kitchen cooking and POOL DAY! Woohoo! Don’t forget your swimsuits and sunscreen 😉