Camp 2012

June 28, 2012

Most of the time, we don’t like bugs. They bite us, sting us, eat our food. . . so who would have ever thought bugs might be a good thing? This morning, Marilyn, our resident gardener, taught the campers all about friends and foes of the garden. . . or in other words good bugs and bad bugs.

Campers learned that some bugs are necessary for plant reproduction, while others can rapidly destroy an entire bed of crops! To take a closer look at these insects we caught them in our bug jars!

After lending a helping hand in the garden, we continued on with the trend by lending a hand to SLU organization that benefits people in need.  Campus Kitchens is a program that uses donated food from local grocery stores to cook and distrubute meals for at need families in our community.  Today we helped them out by cooking 12 dinners- and they even fit in with our Mediterranean theme. Gyros, fresh baked pita bread, yogurt sauce, cous cous and appricot crisp- yum!

Cous cous- yum yum!
Got extra dough? Make mustaches, of course!