Camp 2012

June 29, 2012



Fridays of Culinary Camp are always bitter sweet. The end of the week means we say goodbye to the campers, buuuut we finally get to enjoy all the delicious food we made during the week at our parent party. Culinary campers had an awesome day today. We spent the morning in the garden with Michelle learning how to make lavender wands and herb pots.


Taylor and Jillian show off their lavender wands!

 When we came inside we used our cheese making skills we learned earlier in the week to make ricotta cheese. We also made a sweet carrot puree and Moroccan chicken Tagine. Later on we used these hot temperatures to see if we could fry an egg on the sidewalk! We also learned about the different parts of an eggg (yolk, albumin, and chaleza), and saw the difference between eggs we buy at the store and eggs we collect from our own chickens.


Just talkin’ about eggs . . .


Check out that egg yolk!


Comparing our own eggs to the store bought eggs.


Peter cracks our first egg for our EGGperiment!


Outdoor egg frying EGGstravaganza!


That manhole cover sure is hot. . .maybe it will cook our egg?


For physical activity, campers completed a 5 part obstacle course complete with water guns.


Giddy up noodle!


Sophia skips her way though the hula hoops!


Jessica is ready for action!


Go Olivia go!!!!


Best way to cool off in this weather!


Check us out!


To end the week campers made lasagna using their own ricotta.


That’s some gorgeous lasagna Jilian . . .


Ladies cooking lasagna!


Spreading out the homemade ricotta!Image

Amelia’s kitchen!


Cooking with Victoria!



This was a great week of Culinary Camp.

Time to go relax at the parent party!





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