Camp 2012

July 31, 2012

Hip, hip, hooray!…It’s Field Trip Day!

This morning we ventured out north to Mueller Organic Farm, which is run by an organization called Earth Dance. Earth Dance was started by Molly Rockamann back in 2008 as a means to help preserve this organic farm once the original owners passed on. This organization helps connect the local people to the importance of community food production and the many benefits it brings to the surrounding St. Louis area.

Molly, our tour guide, brushing us up on the history of Mueller Farms. Can you believe this farm is 129 years old?!?!

Sun Gold tomato picking!!! Boy did they taste like candy…YUM!

What a fun morning we had at Mueller Farm! Thanks Molly for giving us  such a fantastic tour 🙂

We were all very eager to get back in the kitchens this afternoon! On todays agenda was Earl Grey Tea cookies, a fun way to put a spin on classic British tea. We also made quiche, which we thought was like an omlette in a pie! We finished off by making our own ricotta cheese! It was pretty impressive and super easy! Just Heat milk to 190 degrees, add some salt and citric acid, let it drain and poof! Cheese! We will be using this tomorrow to stuff some pasta shells. Hope you are getting hungry for Friday!

Camp 2012

July 27, 2012

Hip hip hooray, it is HERB DAY!

This morning in the garden was devoted to everything and anything that one can classify as an herb. Herbs are plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. There are an assortment of herbs that can be found in the SLU garden: mint, basil, lavender,cardamom, sorghum, parsley, and even a toothache plant!

After harvesting a variety of herbs, we used them to make aromatic herbal teas and lemonade, natural ointment or Booboo Salve, and we even planted our very own miniature herb gardens!

After all of the fun in the garden, we headed up to the kitchens. This morning we made some sweet treats: Chinese moon cakes and homemade fortune cookies with personalized fortunes and all!

Camp 2012

July 26, 2012

Question of the day: Is the Lady Bug a friend or foe of the garden?

If you guessed friend then you are a garden expert!!! Great Job! Today in the garden we learned all about the various friends and enemies found from our garden aficionados, Marilyn and Michelle.  We went on some serious bug hunts in order to capture those feisty fiends. And we even released some friends, the lady bugs, into the garden.

Along with learning about friends and foes, we celebrated the importance of water in the garden with water appreciation activities! We water misted some plants, did a little rain dancing, and finished off with the ultimate water sponge relay extravaganza. It was a fierce battle but team 1 ended up winning the gold.

Later that morning, we headed up into the Food Lab to begin cooking our meals for Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen is a SLU student organization who uses donated foods and creates delicious and nutritious meals for those who are unable to cook for themselves. This weeks meal was Asian inspired: orange peel chicken, fried rice, bell pepper and snap pea medley, and cherry cobbler.

Once the meals were packaged, we were ready to go on our tour of theoriginal Campus Kitchens. We were able to see all the equipment and donated food they use for their meals. We even got the chance to step inside the 11 degrees F. freezer which was a nice cool off!

Then we headed straight to SLUruba for some fun in the sun at the pool.There was even a sand volleyball court and a belly-flop contest…what could be better then that?!?!

Today was a fantastic day! Can’t wait to see what we have in store for tomorrow…parents, be sure to come hungry because we have some delicious treats waiting for you 🙂



Camp 2012

July 25, 2012

Today was Disability Awareness day! All of the kids learned what it is like to have a hand, eye, and leg disability. We also discussed some disabilities such as autism and ADHD which they probably encounter everyday. Hopefully it helps them understand more about what a disability is, and how it affects your life if you have one! Plus, we had a ton of fun!!

Getting ready for disability awareness day

Reading with an eye disability
Cutting carrots is hard work with a hand disability!!

Melissa explaining what a graduated cylinder is and how to use one
Meeting Chef Dan and learning how tofu is made!

Chef Dan using the “BIG blender”!!!
Soy bean puree
Watch out for the splatter!!

watching it coagulate

Yummy tofu

cooling the finished product!
All of the kids with the tofu and chef Dan! Great job guys!
Camp 2012

July 24, 2012-Happy Birthday Henry Shaw!

Extra, extra, read all about it…today is FIELD TRIP DAY at Culinary Camp!!!!

This morning we headed on down to the historic Missouri Botanical Gardens!

Even though the heat was rising, it did not keep us from having an awesome time.

Today was an extra special day because they were celebrating the founder of the Botanical Gardens, Mr. Henry Shaw’s Birthday! And once a year on this day, they open up his home on the property for guests to see and learn about the story of his life.

Besides viewing Mr. Shaw’s home, we toured herb gardens, took on the garden maze challenge, strolled through the Japanese gardens, and explored the children’s garden. And lets not forget to mention cooling off in some of the garden’s sprinklers 🙂

Today in the afternoon it was back into the kitchen! On the menu for today, we explored some new Asian flavors: Viatnamese braised beef, Chinese egg rolls and a yummy Thai peanut dipping sauce. We also finished our Thai mango sticky rice from yesterday- it was so good we wanted to eat it all up! Lucky for you all, we restrained ourselves so you will get to sample it on Friday at the appetizer party!

Camp 2012

July 23, 2012

Welcome to Culinary Camp!

This week we are discovering and learning about Asian cuisine. Before we dive into cooking, lets start off with going down to SLU’s very own garden to learn the basics of planting and harvesting!

The garden is run by our expert gardeners, Miss Marilyn and Miss Michelle. We started off the morning learning about garden safety and the common tools used for planting. Then we headed off on a guided tour. The garden is filled with various hidden treasures: chickens, compost, herb gardens…oh my!

We also learned how to start planting seedlings using Peat Pellets. These pellets are compressed pellets of sphagnum peat moss, typically with a nylon external netting that contains the peat. They are dropped in water and expand in size by absorbing the moisture. The seeds are planted on the inside of the pellet, and once they have displayed signs of growth, they can be transplanted into a bigger area. In our pellets we plantedan assortment of herbs including basil and sorrel.

After planting, Miss Marilyn brought us a fun veggie to try from the garden…Radishes! Some really enjoyed it, while others didn’t have that much of an aquired taste 🙂

After the garden, we headed up into the Food Lab to start cooking some fun Asian dishes. We started off the morning with pickled ginger, pickled cucumber salad, and chicken satay! All requried a lot of slicing and dicing, and even some stir-frying on the stove top.