Camp 2012

July 10, 2012

This morning, we got a first hand look at where our food comes from in the first place. We know we love cooking with it, and of course eating it, but where does it come from before it hits the grocery store shelves? We were lucky enough to visit Kraut Run, an organic farm near Wentzville to learn more about growing food. An important lesson we learned is that good food comes from good soil, which can be made through the composting process. We saw the huge composting bins, and knew they must be doing a good job because it wasn’t too stinky! We got our hands dirty next when we helped the farmers dig up some potatoes- to our surprise, they were purple! Not only are crops grown on this farm, but they have livestock too. They have a cute baby goat, and some pigs- they were bigger than some of the campers! We also got to compare the difference between a naturally fed duck’s egg versus a store-bought caged chicken egg.

The fun didnt stop after the field trip, and after lunch we were back in the kitchens! Today we are cooking British style, complete with cucumber tea sandwiches, blueberry scones and devonshire cream. Maybe the Queen of England will stop by our party on Friday to check out our eats!



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