Camp 2012

July 16, 2012

Welcome to Culinary Camp! This week we are celebrating our descendents from across the pond during Immigrant Week. We have lots of fun recipes planned so be sure to check back this week to learn about all the delicious ethnic dishes  🙂

The day started off with a tour in SLU’s very own garden. The garden is run by some of the finest gardeners around-Miss Marilyn and Miss Michelle! It is filled with home-grown vegetables and fruits, herbs, sunflowers, and there even is a coup full of five fabulous chickens.

We spent some time learning about the proper equipment used and care needed for planting, growing, and harvesting plants. The kids even got the chance to plant a variety of beans from French Filet to Tri Color. Who knew there were such a wide variety to choose from!

After spending the morning in the garden, we headed straight up to the Food Lab to begin our adventure in cooking! We chopped and prepared an assortment of vegetables for our Classic Dill Pickle and Vietnamese Pickle recipes.  We also began our marinade for Beef Jerky. But hold onto your hats, lunch is just around the corner along with an exciting afternoon planned. So stay tuned for more… 😉

After cooking, all of the campers gathered together for nutrition education with Melissa! Campers gained a basic understanding of the components of myplate, an easy guide to eating healthy.  Feel free to quiz your camper on the parts of myplate and examples of each food group!

We worked off some energy during capture the flag then headed back indoors for another time of cooking!  During the afternoon, we finished the delicious beef jerky that we started this morning.

That Vietnamese Jerky looks delicious!

We also worked on Vietnamese spring rolls.  We used paper thin rice wrappers which were so cool to feel and work with!  The wrappers were stuffed with shrimp, a type of noodle, and a variety of herbs.

We had a lot of herbs to chop for our spring rolls!
The wrappers were very delicate
Everyone had a turn to make two spring rolls
Look how thin those wrappers are!
Here are the spring rolls with all of the fillings. Looks great!
Everyone did such a great job making the spring rolls!

We had so much fun today on our journey into Vietnamese culture!  We explored new flavors and new types of food.  I can’t wait to experience another culture tomorrow!


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