Camp 2012

July 18, 2012

Wednesday is always a special day at Culinary Camp because it is our disability day.  On disability day, we give the campers a chance to see what life is like with a disability.  Those living with a disability sometimes have to find a new way of doing daily tasks, and that is what we experienced today.  In the morning we heard from Willie, who works with Paraquad.  He explained what it disabilities are.

We learned so much from Willie!

Next we had various stations that explored different disabilities.  At one station, campers wore glasses covered with ceran wrap to experience life with visual impairment.

At another station, campers wore leg splints.  We learned about arthritis and tried chopping carrots with a hand splint. Willie helped us out again with our wheelchair station, where campers completed an obstacle course in a wheel chair!

After learning about disabilities, everyone headed upstairs and we made delicious personal pizzas for lunch!

It’s a heart-shaped pizza!
Everyone’s pizzas looked so good!
This kitchen is having a good time!

In the afternoon, we worked on a delicious rum cake!

I bet your cake will be delicious!
We are cake champions!
That rum cake sure looks yummy!

In addition to the cake, we worked on cuban black beans.

Great claw!
Those beans look ready to eat!

All of the Cuban food that we made today was so good! We all love learning about the foods of different cultures.  Everyone had so much fun today and the food was excellent.  Our parent appetizer party on Friday is sure to be delightful!


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