Camp 2012

July 19, 2012

Greetings from Culinary Camp!

Today was a fun-filled day on SLU’s campus. We had some fun roaming the garden and learning about the friends and foes found there. We even did some bug hunting and released some lady bugs along the way. And let’s not forget…we finished up learning about disability awareness day!

In the kitchen we prepared food for Campus Kitchen. This is an student led organization on SLU’s campus that prepares food for individuals that cannot prepare food for themselves. On the menu today was Beef Lo Mein, Broccoli Veggie Medley, and Strawberry Bread! We even made our very own Peach Jam from the fruit we picked on Tuesday…Yummy!

After cooking, we headed to Campus Kitchen to deliver our food and take a tour of the kitchen. I’d say the best part of the kitchen was standing in the 11 degree F. freezer…especially with this heat!

To round out the day, we spent it relaxing outside at the pool…or otherwise known as SLUruba (complete with palm trees and sand I might add). I’d say today was a very exciting day.

Get ready for tomorrow and parents come hungry because we have lots of fun treats for y’all to eat 😉


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