Camp 2012

July 23, 2012

Welcome to Culinary Camp!

This week we are discovering and learning about Asian cuisine. Before we dive into cooking, lets start off with going down to SLU’s very own garden to learn the basics of planting and harvesting!

The garden is run by our expert gardeners, Miss Marilyn and Miss Michelle. We started off the morning learning about garden safety and the common tools used for planting. Then we headed off on a guided tour. The garden is filled with various hidden treasures: chickens, compost, herb gardens…oh my!

We also learned how to start planting seedlings using Peat Pellets. These pellets are compressed pellets of sphagnum peat moss, typically with a nylon external netting that contains the peat. They are dropped in water and expand in size by absorbing the moisture. The seeds are planted on the inside of the pellet, and once they have displayed signs of growth, they can be transplanted into a bigger area. In our pellets we plantedan assortment of herbs including basil and sorrel.

After planting, Miss Marilyn brought us a fun veggie to try from the garden…Radishes! Some really enjoyed it, while others didn’t have that much of an aquired taste 🙂

After the garden, we headed up into the Food Lab to start cooking some fun Asian dishes. We started off the morning with pickled ginger, pickled cucumber salad, and chicken satay! All requried a lot of slicing and dicing, and even some stir-frying on the stove top.


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