Camp 2012

July 24, 2012-Happy Birthday Henry Shaw!

Extra, extra, read all about it…today is FIELD TRIP DAY at Culinary Camp!!!!

This morning we headed on down to the historic Missouri Botanical Gardens!

Even though the heat was rising, it did not keep us from having an awesome time.

Today was an extra special day because they were celebrating the founder of the Botanical Gardens, Mr. Henry Shaw’s Birthday! And once a year on this day, they open up his home on the property for guests to see and learn about the story of his life.

Besides viewing Mr. Shaw’s home, we toured herb gardens, took on the garden maze challenge, strolled through the Japanese gardens, and explored the children’s garden. And lets not forget to mention cooling off in some of the garden’s sprinklers 🙂

Today in the afternoon it was back into the kitchen! On the menu for today, we explored some new Asian flavors: Viatnamese braised beef, Chinese egg rolls and a yummy Thai peanut dipping sauce. We also finished our Thai mango sticky rice from yesterday- it was so good we wanted to eat it all up! Lucky for you all, we restrained ourselves so you will get to sample it on Friday at the appetizer party!


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