Camp 2012

July 25, 2012

Today was Disability Awareness day! All of the kids learned what it is like to have a hand, eye, and leg disability. We also discussed some disabilities such as autism and ADHD which they probably encounter everyday. Hopefully it helps them understand more about what a disability is, and how it affects your life if you have one! Plus, we had a ton of fun!!

Getting ready for disability awareness day

Reading with an eye disability
Cutting carrots is hard work with a hand disability!!

Melissa explaining what a graduated cylinder is and how to use one
Meeting Chef Dan and learning how tofu is made!

Chef Dan using the “BIG blender”!!!
Soy bean puree
Watch out for the splatter!!

watching it coagulate

Yummy tofu

cooling the finished product!
All of the kids with the tofu and chef Dan! Great job guys!

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