Camp 2012

July 26, 2012

Question of the day: Is the Lady Bug a friend or foe of the garden?

If you guessed friend then you are a garden expert!!! Great Job! Today in the garden we learned all about the various friends and enemies found from our garden aficionados, Marilyn and Michelle.  We went on some serious bug hunts in order to capture those feisty fiends. And we even released some friends, the lady bugs, into the garden.

Along with learning about friends and foes, we celebrated the importance of water in the garden with water appreciation activities! We water misted some plants, did a little rain dancing, and finished off with the ultimate water sponge relay extravaganza. It was a fierce battle but team 1 ended up winning the gold.

Later that morning, we headed up into the Food Lab to begin cooking our meals for Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen is a SLU student organization who uses donated foods and creates delicious and nutritious meals for those who are unable to cook for themselves. This weeks meal was Asian inspired: orange peel chicken, fried rice, bell pepper and snap pea medley, and cherry cobbler.

Once the meals were packaged, we were ready to go on our tour of theoriginal Campus Kitchens. We were able to see all the equipment and donated food they use for their meals. We even got the chance to step inside the 11 degrees F. freezer which was a nice cool off!

Then we headed straight to SLUruba for some fun in the sun at the pool.There was even a sand volleyball court and a belly-flop contest…what could be better then that?!?!

Today was a fantastic day! Can’t wait to see what we have in store for tomorrow…parents, be sure to come hungry because we have some delicious treats waiting for you 🙂




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