Camp 2012

July 27, 2012

Hip hip hooray, it is HERB DAY!

This morning in the garden was devoted to everything and anything that one can classify as an herb. Herbs are plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. There are an assortment of herbs that can be found in the SLU garden: mint, basil, lavender,cardamom, sorghum, parsley, and even a toothache plant!

After harvesting a variety of herbs, we used them to make aromatic herbal teas and lemonade, natural ointment or Booboo Salve, and we even planted our very own miniature herb gardens!

After all of the fun in the garden, we headed up to the kitchens. This morning we made some sweet treats: Chinese moon cakes and homemade fortune cookies with personalized fortunes and all!


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