Camp 2012

July 31, 2012

Hip, hip, hooray!…It’s Field Trip Day!

This morning we ventured out north to Mueller Organic Farm, which is run by an organization called Earth Dance. Earth Dance was started by Molly Rockamann back in 2008 as a means to help preserve this organic farm once the original owners passed on. This organization helps connect the local people to the importance of community food production and the many benefits it brings to the surrounding St. Louis area.

Molly, our tour guide, brushing us up on the history of Mueller Farms. Can you believe this farm is 129 years old?!?!

Sun Gold tomato picking!!! Boy did they taste like candy…YUM!

What a fun morning we had at Mueller Farm! Thanks Molly for giving us  such a fantastic tour 🙂

We were all very eager to get back in the kitchens this afternoon! On todays agenda was Earl Grey Tea cookies, a fun way to put a spin on classic British tea. We also made quiche, which we thought was like an omlette in a pie! We finished off by making our own ricotta cheese! It was pretty impressive and super easy! Just Heat milk to 190 degrees, add some salt and citric acid, let it drain and poof! Cheese! We will be using this tomorrow to stuff some pasta shells. Hope you are getting hungry for Friday!


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