Camp 2013

Culinary Camp-Bocuse d’Or Style

Greetings from SLU Culinary Camp!

This week is teen week here on Saint Louis University’s Allied Health Campus. Teens from all around the area have ventured on over to the Nutrition and Dietetics Department garden and food lab to get a taste of what we will be cooking up this week.

This year’s teen week theme is Bocuse d’Or! It is a unique twist between emphasizing the creativity and competitiveness of the traditional culinary arts. Bocuse d’Or is a world cooking contest similar to the caliber of the Olympic games and is held biennially in Lyon, France. It is one of the most prestigious cooking competitions worldwide and recognizes outstanding chefs, such as French chef Paul Bocuse who this competition was named after.


So how will we be incorporating this extraordinary competition into this week’s festivities one may ask? Well, every camper will be a member of a specific team and each day one of the dishes they prepare will be judged by a secret team of taste testers who will be evaluating each team’s food based off of the elements of appearance, aroma, flavor, and texture. Each team’s score will be tracked and the winner’s will be announced at the parent party on Friday–and may even win a special culinary surprise 🙂

This morning campers were introduced to the SLU garden. They were given a tour by Master gardeners Marilyn and Erin. Campers assisted with preparing hanging gourd planters which will aid in providing shade on the wooden canopy built in the garden.







In the kitchen, the specific dishes campers cooked today were great starters to test basic culinary skills. We made classic dill pickles along with an assortment of savory mushroom and red pepper tarts as well as sweet blue and blackberry tarts.










We will see how the secret team of evaluators judges each team today. So stay tuned to see which teams are in the lead of our Bocuse d’Or competition!


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