Camp 2014

Culinary Camp Week 2 Day 1: Welcome to the Middle East!

We began our tour of the Middle Eastern cuisine today by exploring the delicacies of Lebanon! But before we got to start cooking our delicious food, we ventured out into the garden to learn a little about where our food comes from and the hard work that goes into growing it. We met with two of our Master Gardeners, Ms. Aaron and Ms. Kristen who gave us a grand tour of the garden and taught us all about the different tools one should use when gardening. We even got introduced to the garden’s chickens!

family photos and camp 012



family photos and camp 017

family photos and camp 015

family photos and camp 017

family photos and camp 018

family photos and camp 019

family photos and camp 020

family photos and camp 021


Next, we got the chance to plant some seeds for ourselves! We formed furrows in the soil and planted different seeds around the garden including radishes, beets, and edamame! Even though we won’t be able to see the seeds grow into yummy food this week, it’s exciting to be a part of the beginning process of growing food.


family photos and camp 024

family photos and camp 025

family photos and camp 026

family photos and camp 027

family photos and camp 028

family photos and camp 029


We then walked back up to the University and headed to the food lab where we learned all about knife skills and kitchen safety. We read through our recipes for the morning and got straight to work! The food we made in the morning turned into our lunch which included Chicken Pecan Bulgur Cakes with Cilantro Pesto, Cantaloupe Smoothies, and Fattoush Salad. It was definitely rewarding to be able to create our own Lebanese feast to eat for lunch!






family photos and camp 031

2014-06-09 12.34.39

family photos and camp 032


How could you not enjoy this colorful and healthy masterpiece!?!?



We then headed outside for a little physical activity before getting back into the kitchen. We played “Mother May I” and “Frogger” and a couple of the campers even got artistic and made a house in the grass 🙂



After playing outside, it was back to the kitchen to cook some more Lebanese cuisine! In the afternoon, we made Graybeh, which are Lebanese shortbread cookies, and Hummus which were all extremely tasty.











We’re all super excited for our field trip tomorrow at Kraut Run and then for exploring further into Middle Eastern delicacies 🙂 See you all tomorrow!


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