Camp 2014

Week 7: Day 1: Italy

Welcome to Week 7 of Culinary Camp! This week, our campers will be exploring Italian cuisine!

To start our week off, the campers got a tour of the garden that they will be working in for the rest of the week.  They met with the master gardner, and she taught the campers about having an organic garden and what different tools they can use in the garden. We then got to plant four different types of potatoes!

IMG_3013 IMG_3014 IMG_3015 IMG_3017 IMG_3018 IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3022

After the garden, we all headed up to the food lab where the campers made their own lunch!

IMG_3023 IMG_3024 IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3029 IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3033

After lunch, we went outside for a little bit of physical activity and to learn a little bit about sun safety and skin cancer.

IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3037 IMG_3038

The campers then headed back into the kitchen to make a few more recipes to end their day!

IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3041 IMG_3042


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