Camp 2015

Culinary Camp, Week 3, Day 1, STL Eats

The Permaculture Practice

A look into Saint Louis University Orchard Permaculture

By: Erin Lindhorst

To begin, you might be wondering what is permaculture? A simple way to describe permaculture is that it is a creative design process that is based on whole-systems thinking, incorporating ethics and specific design principles. When designing a permeculture habitat, using patterns can help develop a relationship between things we find in nature that may benefit the overall area where plants are being grown.

During Culinary Camp week 3, dietetic interns Erin, Verona, Abby, and Dustin created a permaculture design for one of the rows in the orchard. We focused on complimentary plants that would benefit the fruit trees within the orchard row. Our plants are companion plants to the fruit trees located in that row and will also help to attract helpful pollinators. The dietetic interns leading culinary camp week 4 will be planting our permaculutre as well as planning their own. In order to create this organized permaculture within the orchard, a lot of hard work has to go into clearing out all the weeds and unwanted plants. We spent one of the days of culinary camp clearing out a row of the orchard. Talk about hard work! We also got pick some delicious raspberries to reward ourselves for our hard work. Below are some pictures of our day!


Verona and Abby working hard pulling weeds!


Dustin and Marjorie working on the weeds that didn’t want to come out of the ground.


Making progress!


Our reward for all our hard work!


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