Camp 2015

July 22: Let’s Celebrate those Nations!


This week’s theme is CELEBRATION OF NATIONS!  So, this week we’re going to cook dishes from many different countries and also learn a few things about the way people around the world like to celebrate.  We started off with preparing some Italian food for lunch, but we couldn’t help but bring it back to the U.S.A. and make some rocket pops in celebration of the swiftly approaching fourth of July.

The campers rocked out their own lunches like pros!  The result was delicious.  Here are some snapshots from our afternoon cooking session.  We made our own lunches for our field trip tomorrow to Kraut Run Farm.  I’m sure we’ll work up an appetite there!


image (16)




Some of our apron-clad friends!

image (20)image (3)

Two great example of  the mincing technique we learned today. 

image (17)image (15)

Packaging our lunches
image (14)

image (13)
above photo taken after eating a clove of raw garlic-a precaution against vampires?

image (9) image (8) image (7) image (6) image (5)

image (2)

Prepping some carrot and celery sticksimage (1)


Smashing garlic


Rocket pops made with fruit puree and coconut water–can’t wait for the big reveal tomorrow!image (18)

The original fruit snack (plus one cantaloupe casualty)

image (19)

Showin’ off some lovely artwork!


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