Camp 2015

A Week with Walt: Wednesday 7/8

Today we had Disability Awareness Day! In the morning, the campers went to different stations to learn about different disabilities. The campers tried using wheelchairs, leg splints, cataract glasses, and adaptive cutting boards. We also had a special guest, Mr. Michael, from Paraquad. Mr. Michael showed the campers how to use the wheelchairs and also showed them pictures of adaptive sports for people who use wheelchairs.


Talking with Mr. Michael about how to treat people with disabilities. Treat them the same way you treat everyone else.


image7 (1)


image6 (1)
That leg splint may be too big for him!


image5 (1)


image4 (1)
Trying a one-handed can opener while wearing a sling.


image3 (2)


image3 (1)
Tying shoes while wearing a sling.


image2 (3)
Playing “Broccoli, Broccoli, Carrot” with a visual impairment.


image2 (2)


image1 (3)


image1 (2)
Learning about “Friends and Foes” of the garden while walking with leg splints


After our Disability Awareness Day activities, the campers headed to the kitchen to cook up some Finding Nemo  “Fish are Friends not Food” Baja Tacos. Since fish are friends not food, we made tofu tacos!

image6 (2)
Stirring up the taco seasoning for the tofu
image7 (2)
Smells yummy!
image5 (2)
Mixing the tofu and taco seasoning
image4 (2)
Making the slaw for the tacos


image8 (1)
Whisking up the sauce for the slaw


photo 1 (1)
Finished product!

Before we ate our lunch, the campers had a discussion with Miss Beth and they answered the question, ” Where does food come from?”

photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (2)
Where does your food come from?

After our delicious lunch, the campers played some games and enjoyed the Frozen yogurt pops they made yesterday! The campers (and counselors) enjoyed listening to some songs from the movie while enjoying these sweet treats!

image1 (4)
“Red light!”


image2 (4)
Singing “Let it Go” while enjoying our yogurt pops


In the afternoon, campers prepared some food for our appetizer party on Friday!

image7 (3)

The campers made Timon & Pumbaa Dirt Trifles and  Monster’s Inc. Harryhausen Sushi Rolls.

image3 (3)
Reading the afternoon recipes with Miss Claire


image4 (3)
Making some “dirt”!


image5 (3)
Learning sushi skills from Miss Holly


photo 5 (1)
Rocking and rolling the sushi!


The campers enjoyed all the different foods and activities today!

photo 4 (1)
Happy Campers!
photo 3
Happy Campers!
photo 2 (1)
Happy Campers!




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