Camp 2016

June 7, 2016 – Exploring Italy Day 2!

Welcome to Culinary Camp 2016! We are so excited to welcome campers this year, and to kick things off our theme this week is Exploring Italy.

Today we had a fun field trip planned for the morning. We traveled to Marcoot Creamery in Greenville, Illinois. The cows welcomed us to the dairy farm!

A baby calf at Marcoot's dairy farm.
A baby calf at Marcoot’s dairy farm.

One of the owners of the creamery, Beth Marcoot, took us on a tour around the farm where campers got to see where the cows are milked, pet the baby calves, and sample cheese and ice cream.

Petting the calves!
Petting the calves!

Campers got to learn about the process of cheese making at Marcoot and all that is going on around their farm.

Campers by the Marcoot sign
Campers by the Marcoot sign

After the Marcoot tour we headed over to a park to have a picnic lunch (the campers prepared their lunch of Italian pasta salad, fruit salad, and black bean brownies the day before) and play on the playground. Then we headed back to SLU to bake ladyfingers for tiramisu that we will be making later in the week and learn about tower gardens!


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