Camp 2016

Blast from the Past-Thursday/Friday, 6/23-6/24

Thursday at culinary camp was a busy day! We started the day in the SLU garden with harvest for the CSA (community supported agriculture) and farmers’ market, then we took a tour of the SLU orchard and learned about permaculture.

For our morning cooking session, we prepared meals for Campus Kitchens to benefit Hope House and discussed food insecurity in our city.

Following lunch, we dropped off packaged meals at Campus Kitchens and took a tour of their kitchen. Finally, we ended our day with a trip to SLUruba to catch a break from the St. Louis heat!

FRIDAY-For our last cooking morning cooking session for the week, campers are making mac’n cheese from the classic French mother sauce, bechamel. Our campers have learned great mise en place and have cooked up some tasty meals this week!

Make sure to join us tonight at 4 PM in the multipurpose room for our parent party and to try some of the tasty treats that are campers have cooked up this week! Stay Healthy. Keep Cooking.


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