Camp 2016

Hawaiian Week – Tuesday, June 28th

Campers this week are having so much fun!

Monday: June 27th

To recap, Monday the campers made Baked Mac and Cheese with fresh cantaloupe and a tossed salad for lunch. After physical education and nutrition ed. they made their lunches for the field trip which took place on Tuesday. Campers made fruit salad, Vegetable pasta salad, and black bean brownies for lunch!



Tuesday: June 28th

Today we went on a field trip to Companion Bakery. The kids learned how to make bread and tour the huge facility in West Saint Louis. Companion is a local company that has been crafting breads since 1993. The West Saint Louis campus also has a cafe, an education center, and retail outlet in addition to the factory. Below are some pictures of the kids learning about different dough and trying out Companions’ delicious products.


Once they left Companion Bakery, they ate lunch in Forest Park. In the afternoon, campers made Hawaiian Fruit and yogurt Pops!  It was quite the busy day.




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