Camp 2016

Road Trip Down Route 66 – July 28th

After harvesting eggplant, green beans, and summer squash in the garden in the morning, we headed up to the kitchen to cook for Campus Kitchens, an organization that prepares meals for people who need them using food donated by local grocery stores. Using donated items that they provided, we made roasted chicken, vegetable succotash, potato salad, and lemon blueberry quick bread. After a quick lunch, we delivered the 30 meals we prepared to Campus Kitchens on SLU’s main campus and got a brief tour of their huge kitchen! Then we headed over to the pool for some volleyball and swimming.



Camp 2016

Road Trip Down Route 66 – July 27th

Today was another great day at Culinary Camp! We worked in the garden in the morning and learned a little bit about disabilities and how people can adapt to them, such as by using a special cutting board. We then headed up to the kitchen to prepare our Oklahoma themed lunch – barbecue chicken with purple and sweet potato fries and green beans. It’s safe to say we got a little messy during lunch from all of that barbecue sauce! We finished up the day preparing summer rolls from Los Angeles and cheesecake bars from Chicago to share with our families this Friday. IMG_5697IMG_5696IMG_5724 IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5728

Camp 2016

The Vegetarian Chef – July 21st

Thursday’s in the garden mean that the campers get to help harvest all of the produce that is ready! They got to harvest swiss chard and eggplant along with several other veggies.


Today we switched up our normal routine a little bit! Instead of having the campers make themselves lunch, they did a good deed and made lunch for Campus Kitchens. Sticking with the vegetarian theme for the week they made a white bean and summer vegetable medley, garlic bread topped with ricotta and parmesan, and apple crisp with a yummy oatmeal topping.



The campers decorated the packages for the food with happy messages.
The campers decorated the packages for the food with happy messages.

After lunch we headed to Campus Kitchen in Reinert Hall to drop off our meals and get a quick tour of the facilities. Then we headed to Slu-ruba to swim on a hot summer afternoon!


Camp 2016

The Vegetarian Chef – July 19th

Today we headed to Braeutigam Orchards in Belleville, Illinois to learn about their farm and pick peaches! We got a tractor tour of the farm and orchards and then hopped off to start peach picking. The peaches were very ripe and in season! Everyone got to take home several peaches and the kids got to eat a couple too.


We went to a park to have a picnic lunch that we made on Monday afternoon and then got to play on a playground for a little bit before heading back to campus!

Camp 2016

The Vegetarian Chef – Monday, July 18

Today campers started out their morning by planting seeds in the SLU garden! They got to plant seeds for beets, bushbeans, radishes, and cantaloupe.


After spending time in the garden, we were ready to start cooking. We went over the recipes to make our baja tofu tacos and cabbage slaw.

Campers gathered around the table reading the recipes in their binders.

We topped our tofu tacos with a black bean mango salsa, avocado crema (made with Greek yogurt!) and cheese. We had some tortilla chips on the side to eat with the homemade salsa as well as some cantaloupe and honeydew melon for something sweet. IMG_7483

In the afternoon we made pasta salad, black bean brownies, and fruit salad to take as a picnic lunch for our field trip tomorrow.

Camp 2016

Chef Roy G. BIV-Thursday, July 14

Campers started the morning in the garden for harvest day. Today, they harvested apples, peaches, and some blackberries! We also spent some time catching bugs and trying to identify them.

After harvesting in the morning, we came in to prepare a meals for campus kitchen. This organization is a community service for students, empowering the youth to combat hunger specifically in the St. Louis area. Today the meal consisted of spaghetti with a hamburger and mushroom sauce, garden salad, and an apricot lemon quick bread for dessert! Since we were busy cooking for campus kitchen, we had our lunch prepared for us from Fresh Gatherings. On the menu was BBQ tofu, broccoli, brown rice pilaf, garden salad, and watermelon. YUM!

After all of their hard work, they loaded up in the vans and off to the pool we went!