Camp 2017

2017 Week 2: Into the Woods

Day One:

Welcome to Culinary Camp 2017 week 2! We had a great first day today. We started the day off in the garden, then we cooked some delicious vegetarian chili and corn bread, we bared the heat and played kickball, and then made some black bean brownies for our sack lunches tomorrow! Here are some pictures from out day:

Taylor cutting up some zucchini sticks
Our little chefs hard at work!
The boys making some chili
I think someone likes the brownies 🙂
The apron train!
We had a slight mishap with the cayenne pepper… what fun would cooking be without a little mess?!


Day Two:

Today was full of adventure! We started the day off with a drive out to Defiance to see an all organic farm, Kraut Run. We got to plant cover crop, plant potatoes, and plant our very own pea plant. They had chickens and ducks, which all the kids were really excited about.

Then we took a small detour to a playground near Liberty High. We ate our lunch that we had packed the day before and played there for about an hour.

Once we got back we made some banana boats for snack and dill dip for our veggies tomorrow. We had a special guest come in to talk to us about tofu. Dan Brewer, the maker of MoFu tofu came in and told us all about how tofu is made. With the help of kitchen 2, he made us all a delicious sample dish of tofu.

After we cleaned up in the kitchen, we wound down our day by playing ninja and frog in the Multi Purpose Room.

The kids planting cover crop.
Ailsa making soil squares for her pea seed.
Mia spinng everyone on the merry-go-round.
Camp picture!
Sarah showing us how to make meringue with bean water instead of eggs for the banana boats!
Chef Dan talking about MoFu tofu.
The campers playing frog.


Day Three:

Today we learned about disabilities from Micheal, our guest speaker. The kids got to experience how gardening and cooking, while living with a disability, might be different. They used the wheelchairs, adapted cutting boards, splints and simulating vision impaired glasses.

Then we went inside to make lunch. We made macaroni and cheese, brussel sprouts, and cut up fruits. We then worked on making a special dessert for your parent party on Friday and made an herbal tea.

We then made some birthday card for a fellow camper and played games for a while. We finished up by watching the British cooking show while eating our snack, which was a dill dip  we made yesterday.

Kitchen 6 making their mac n cheese.
Olivia and Taylor “taste testing.”
Cutting avocados.


Day Four:

Today we started off in the garden again. We harvested some carrots, tat soy, fed the chickens some weeds, and planted some vegetables. After field washing our harvest, we brought everything inside, and delivered it to the kitchen downstairs (Fresh Gatherings).

We headed upstairs to make lunch for campus kitchen. We made stuffed peppers, green beans, and blueberry oatmeal cookies! Then the kids decorated the food containers for the people at campus kitchen.

We got lunch catered from Fresh Gatherings and Chef Dan prepared us his own tofu. We had a tofu bowl with rice, the carrots and tat soy we had picked from the morning and strawberries. All the kids did a really great job at trying new foods!

Then we went to the pool, had some fun in the sun and headed back to snack on some tres leches cake. We played some games and watched cupcake wars until pick up.

Feeding the chickens
Harvesting carrots
Showing our bounty
Field washing our harvest
planting 2
Clara planting
Taylor scooping blueberry cookies
Andrew cutting up peppers
The girls taking a little “break”
Plating our meals for Campus Kitchen
Pool time!