Camp 2017

2017 Week 4: Vegetarian Week

Welcome to 2017 Gardens to Tables Culinary Camp! We have an awesome group of campers this week who are excited to cook, learn, and discover during our Vegetarian inspired week at camp.

Day One: After spending the morning in the garden, campers headed inside to get started with the cooking adventures! For lunch, these fun and creative campers worked together in their kitchens to create a butternut squash mac & cheese dish with roasted cauliflower and freshly cut fruit on the side. After lunch, campers headed outside for Physical Activity time, then listened in to a Nutrition Education session. During the afternoon session, campers crafted veggie sandwiches, black bean brownies, and fruit cups in preparation for tomorrow’s field trip lunch.

Working on the roasted cauliflower! Yum!


Eliza and Meera cooking black bean brownies 🙂
Black Bean Brownies prepared by the campers


Counselor Michelle instructing campers on safe knife handling skills


Ben and Colin doing a stellar job cleaning up after they made their lunch!
Mary Wyatt working hard towards earning the “Cleanest Kitchen” award


Day Two: Today Culinary Camp 2017 explored the wonders of Missouri’s Botanical Garden. At the Botanical Garden, campers got to adventure around the Children’s Garden, Memorial Maze, Herb Garden, Japanese Garden, and much more! Next, we headed to a park in Tower Grove to eat our packed lunch. Once we got back to SLU, campers hit the kitchen to prepare delicious homemade granola bars for snack as well as “cowboy caviar” and homemade tortilla chips for later this week.


Braid train getting ready for the Field Trip!

First adventure at the Botanical Garden – Children’s Garden!


Walking through the Herb Garden!


Next Up – The Memorial Maze!

On our way to the Japanese Garden!

Final walk through the Garden on our way to the park
Melani showing us her balance skill!
Back in the kitchen working on the cowboy caviar
Homemade Granola Bars 🙂
Mary Wyatt and Meera demonstrating that teamwork makes the dream work when it comes to cleaning up the kitchen!


Day Three: Disability Awareness Day! Campers spent the morning outside listening to expert gardener, Marilyn, talk about Friends and Foes of the garden. Next, Mike from Paraquad came and shared his story with the campers, enlightening others on the importance of equality and inclusion for individuals with disability. Campers were able to participate in gardening activities and tasks while utilizing adaptive equipment and mobility devices. After spending the morning in the garden, campers headed inside and started cooking! For lunch campers crafted baked tofu tenders, honey orange roasted carrots, and fruit. Later in the afternoon, campers worked together to make snap pea salad, lemon quinoa salad, and peach iced tea!

Learning about the Friends and Foes of the garden!
Mike from Paraquad sharing his story with campers
Maggie and Eliza working on their baked tofu tenders


Honey orange roasted carrots! Yum!
Counselor Sarah teaching campers about Nutrition Education


Day Four & Five: On Thursday morning, campers harvested in the garden. Next, they hit the kitchen and cooked a meal for Campus Kitchen! After enjoying a meal prepared by Fresh Gatherings, campers had a fun afternoon swimming at SLUruba. On Friday, campers worked to create a tasty lunch of Vegetable Calzones, Greek Green beans, and Fresh Fruit. After playing games outside and gaining knowledge during Nutrition Education, campers made Black bean quesadillas and healthy banana splits! Overall, it was a fantastic week!


Tiffany mixing up some dressing for the Campus Kitchen meal!

Packaging up a delicious meal for others!

Having fun at SLUruba!