Camp 2017

Week 7: Day 4 Campus Kitchen & Rainy-Day Fun

Today was harvest day in the gardens! The beds were full of fruits from the past culinary camps’ labors: tomatoes, peaches, squash, wasabi arugula, and beans! After a slight soggy morning, we came inside to do some cooking from the heart.IMG_6209.JPG

IMG_6210.JPGIf you are not familiar with camp activities, every Thursday, Culinary Camp cooks for the non-profit organization Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen is run by SLU students who create and prepare meals for those who live in food insecure areas using donations from local grocery stores.IMG_6208.JPGIMG_6207.JPGThis week, we decided to make Cajun fish fillets, mixed vegetables, grain salads and oatmeal cookies for our Campus Kitchen friends. We then packed up our meals, wrote sweet little messages, and sent everything off to be enjoyed!IMG_6213.JPG

IMG_6214.JPGFresh Gatherings Cafe provided us lunch this afternoon using the items we picked from our gardens! Fresh tomatoes and peaches with chicken enchiladas (but don’t worry, we did not use our chickies :).






Since it was still a little soggy outside, we decided to put our creative energy to good use by acting out commercials of our favorite fruits and vegetables: celery, avocado, zucchini, watermelon, and mango.

We shared many giggles and jingles!IMG_6219.JPGIMG_6224.JPGIMG_6229.JPG IMG_6231.JPG



Camp 2017

Week 7: Day 3 Disability Awareness & Celebrity Chef Day

This morning in the garden we learned about living with disabilities. We had two guest speakers come and talk to us about their experiences with blindness and cerebral palsy.IMG_6191.JPGWe learned how to peel carrots with one arm, wheel ourselves around the garden, walk using braces and canes, and visualize what people see (or don’t see) when they have glaucoma, cataracts, and blindness.IMG_6190.JPGThough it was quite steamy out, we also mustered up the energy to hunt for bugs after our gardener Marilyn taught us about friends and foes of the garden. Let’s just say that the chickens ate very well this morning!!IMG_6192.JPGThe menu for today consisted of Billy Goat chicken tenders, roasted vegetables, herbed red potato salad.




After lunch and some relaxing Harry Potter Yoga, we came back to a surprise Celebrity Chef visit from SLU’s very own Chef Toriana Foster. Chef Foster is a recent graduate dietetic student who is opening a new restaurant called “The Crispy Edge”. She taught us how to make stuffed pita grilled cheese sandwiches and how to cook with confidence! The next time you need a quick lunch, we have you covered 😉

IMG_6202.JPGIMG_6203.JPGIMG_6206.JPGUnfortunately, the rest of what we prepared today is a secret for the parent party on Friday 🙂 … TO BE CONTINUED….





Camp 2017

Week 7: Day 2-Field Trips & Festivities!


IMG_6166.JPGToday was an eventful day! FIRST STOP: Companion Bakery. We traveled all the way to Creve Coeur to experience the BEST bread in the STL!






Consensus was that it was a DELICIOUS adventure. We got free BREAD and free SMELLS, whilst learning how to create artisanal breads and pastries.





We checked out each of the ovens AND freezers just to make sure everything was in tip-top shape.

IMG_6171.JPG  IMG_6170.JPGIMG_6172.JPG

IMG_6169.JPGSince we are now EXPERTS in the science of baking bread… we will put our skills to the test later this week.






IMG_6176.JPGIMG_6174.JPGAfter our bellies were full of gluten, we decided that we were not ready to go back to our own kitchen quite yet… so we ventured to our SECOND STOP: Bissingers, to hone our chocolate tasting skills.IMG_6177.JPGHere we learned the ancient practice of chocolate making, saw 200 year old chocolate molds, and held a real cocoa bean! We also worked out our biceps with an 11 pound chocolate bunny.IMG_6178.JPG

IMG_6179.JPGBut in order to see chocolate making in action, we had to suit up in our best professional attire.IMG_6183.JPGLooking like TRUE scientist chefs we walked through the magical land of cocoa and caramel.


IMG_6182.JPGIt was OUR duty as NEW chocolate connoisseurs to taste test gummy pandas and chocolate squares before we left (even though we hadn’t had lunch yet… don’t tell mom and dad…)!




After returning to SLU, we burned off some energy crossing Johnny’s bridge and chasing fox & squirrels at recess 😉 Then came back inside to cool off and make delicious AND nutritious slushies made from real fruit!

IMG_6186.JPG IMG_6187.JPG







Camp 2017

2017 Week 6 Back to the Basics

Monday July 17, 2017

Welcome to week 6!! Today was super busy as we got to know each other, planted vegetables and cooked up a storm! We started the morning with a tour of the garden which then led us to planting carrots, beans, and herbs ourselves! The kids found our crazy chickens in the garden and even got to feed them blackberries and bugs! Before it got too hot we went upstairs to the Food Lab to cook our very own lunch. Today’s menu consisted of fancy grilled cheese (pesto from scratch, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes), roasted broccoli and fruit (cantaloupe and honeydew). The kids ate it up!

IMG_0364After lunch we spent a little time outside but before too long we had to get back in the kitchen to make our lunches for tomorrow. We made black bean brownies, fruit salad, and turkey sandwiches for Tuesday’s lunch. IMG_0369

It finally came to wrapping up the day with a presentation by one of our counselors, Michelle who talked about our theme this week, Back to the Basics. She defined cooking terms and showed great 2 min clips on how to cut, cook, and look like a professional chef!

Tuesday, July 18th 2017

Today we went on our field trip to Marcoot Jersey Creamery! We got to see where they milk the cows and even try some of the white cheddar cheese they were in the process of making! Marcoot Creamery is in Greenville, Illinois about an hour away from St. Louis. At Marcoot they produce lots of different cheeses as well as ice cream! You can buy some of their products at places like City Greens, Straub’s, Eckerts, Dierbergs and some Whole Food stores. After a long day on the farm we came back to make kale chips and roasted cauliflower bites. We will be back at it again tomorrow to cook up a storm!!



Wednesday, July 19th 2017


Wow did we cook a lot today!!! This morning we started in the garden with disability awareness day. Michael form Paraquad came in to talk to the kids about his story and how he ended up in a wheel chair. We then broke off into groups and did various activities with adaptive equipment to learn more about different disabilities.

Then we headed into the kitchen to make spaghetti and meatballs! The campers LOVED the meatballs and everything else of course. We made homemade croutons for our Cesar salad as well as Cesar dressing with Greek yogurt!

To finish the afternoon we had a special guest come into our kitchen, David Laufer! He is a well known baker in the St. Louis area and has recently been awarded for his famous cookie the ‘Chewy Mooey’ which was voted best cookie in St. Louis area! He demo’ed the cookie for us and then every camper got to make their own batch! David works at River City Casino. You can read more about him and his desserts here!

Check back with us tomorrow for more updates and fun!

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Today was HOT!

  1. Hot in the garden to start off the day. Thursday is Harvest Day so campers got to harvest hot peppers, tomatoes, blackberries, arugula, squash, green beans, and peaches! We even got to eat the peaches for lunch.
  2. It was HOT in the kitchen too! Not sweating but our jambalaya was full of spicy flavor mixed with sausage, chicken, onions, carrots, and chicken broth. Thursdays are special because we make lunch for Campus Kitchen Project which serves 50 people every Thursday. Our campers get to cook for those who can’t and serve the Saint Louis Community. You can learn more here!
  3. It was HOT at the pool too!! We had a fun time playing Marco Polo and Sharks and Minos with the kiddos. The water definitely cooled us down.

After a hot hot hot day we celebrated one of our very own campers birthdays with homemade cupcakes and all natural food dyes in our icing.


Friday, July 21st, 2017

The Last Day!

Today is a big day, we have so much to do in so little time. We learned more about herbs  by making herb tea, rosemary lemonade, boo boo salve, and taking a tour of the herb garden itself.

When we got back it was time to cook! Friday is for personal pan pizzas so campers learned how to knead their dough and watch it grow!

In the afternoon we got ready for the parent party. We made baked potato rounds, rosemary chicken and the remaining rosemary lemonade!!

Camp 2017

2017 Week 5: One Ingredient, Three Ways

MONDAY JULY 10thIMG_0514The first day of camp started off with learning the tools and rules of the garden! We then started on our first task, planting beets, beans, and basil!

After gardening we went up to the kitchen to prepare our lunch, mac&cheese, sautéed squash, cornbread, and cantaloupe. We also made bread in a bag for sandwiches for our field trip.

After a game of freeze tag and learning about MyPlate we headed back into the kitchen to make our field trip lunches. The menu included turkey and veggie sandwiches, fruit salad, black bean brownies, and billy goat chips.


It’s field trip day, but before we headed out we made strawberry popsicles! We also had a  nutrition lesson on whole grains. For our field trip we headed to Gateway Greening and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory. Once we got back we tested out our acting skills by creating commercials that promoted eating fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday July 12th

Today was a busy day in the kitchen, but first we spent the morning in the garden for disability awareness day. We had a guest speaker from Paraquad come and talk about how he does daily activities with a physical disability. Once we got back to the kitchen we prepared our lunch: chicken and black bean tacos, cantaloupe, and sweet potato fries! Due to the severe heat we could not go outside, so we did Harry Potter themed yoga and learned about vitamins and minerals. In the afternoon we went back into the kitchen to prepare for the parent party!

Thursday July 13th 

Today was pool day, but before we headed out in the sun we prepared a meal for campus kitchens. The campers made veggie frittata, roasted potatoes, and a strawberry quick bread. Our lunch was catered from Fresh Gatherings and it included pasta bolognese, broccoli florets, and fresh peach cobbler. After lunch we headed to the pool for a fun afternoon in the sun!