Camp 2017

2017 Week 5: One Ingredient, Three Ways

MONDAY JULY 10thIMG_0514The first day of camp started off with learning the tools and rules of the garden! We then started on our first task, planting beets, beans, and basil!

After gardening we went up to the kitchen to prepare our lunch, mac&cheese, sautéed squash, cornbread, and cantaloupe. We also made bread in a bag for sandwiches for our field trip.

After a game of freeze tag and learning about MyPlate we headed back into the kitchen to make our field trip lunches. The menu included turkey and veggie sandwiches, fruit salad, black bean brownies, and billy goat chips.


It’s field trip day, but before we headed out we made strawberry popsicles! We also had a  nutrition lesson on whole grains. For our field trip we headed to Gateway Greening and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory. Once we got back we tested out our acting skills by creating commercials that promoted eating fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday July 12th

Today was a busy day in the kitchen, but first we spent the morning in the garden for disability awareness day. We had a guest speaker from Paraquad come and talk about how he does daily activities with a physical disability. Once we got back to the kitchen we prepared our lunch: chicken and black bean tacos, cantaloupe, and sweet potato fries! Due to the severe heat we could not go outside, so we did Harry Potter themed yoga and learned about vitamins and minerals. In the afternoon we went back into the kitchen to prepare for the parent party!

Thursday July 13th 

Today was pool day, but before we headed out in the sun we prepared a meal for campus kitchens. The campers made veggie frittata, roasted potatoes, and a strawberry quick bread. Our lunch was catered from Fresh Gatherings and it included pasta bolognese, broccoli florets, and fresh peach cobbler. After lunch we headed to the pool for a fun afternoon in the sun!


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