Camp 2017

Week 7: Day 4 Campus Kitchen & Rainy-Day Fun

Today was harvest day in the gardens! The beds were full of fruits from the past culinary camps’ labors: tomatoes, peaches, squash, wasabi arugula, and beans! After a slight soggy morning, we came inside to do some cooking from the heart.IMG_6209.JPG

IMG_6210.JPGIf you are not familiar with camp activities, every Thursday, Culinary Camp cooks for the non-profit organization Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen is run by SLU students who create and prepare meals for those who live in food insecure areas using donations from local grocery stores.IMG_6208.JPGIMG_6207.JPGThis week, we decided to make Cajun fish fillets, mixed vegetables, grain salads and oatmeal cookies for our Campus Kitchen friends. We then packed up our meals, wrote sweet little messages, and sent everything off to be enjoyed!IMG_6213.JPG

IMG_6214.JPGFresh Gatherings Cafe provided us lunch this afternoon using the items we picked from our gardens! Fresh tomatoes and peaches with chicken enchiladas (but don’t worry, we did not use our chickies :).






Since it was still a little soggy outside, we decided to put our creative energy to good use by acting out commercials of our favorite fruits and vegetables: celery, avocado, zucchini, watermelon, and mango.

We shared many giggles and jingles!IMG_6219.JPGIMG_6224.JPGIMG_6229.JPG IMG_6231.JPG




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