Camp 2018

2018 Week 2: Carnival!!

Tuesday, June 12th

Campers arrived this morning filled with excitement for the upcoming day’s activities– field trip day!


After starting the day off in the garden, the kids migrated to the SLU vans and were taken to the Food Roof Farm (Urban Harvest) for the first stop of the day. The campers enjoyed the periodic shade from the plant towers as they were taken on a tour around the urban farm. Their favorite part about the trip to the Food Roof?: “THE CHICKENS!!!!!!!!” (although the counselors were quite jealous of the coloring book the campers were given as a free souvenir….).



The next stop of the day was the Billy Goat Chip factory. Upon entrance, the kids were immediately occupied by the bowl of free samples waiting for them by the front door. The owner of the company impressed all of us with the history behind the Billy Goat Chip Company, along with explaining the different stages of preparing, processing, and packaging the chips. To delight the campers even more, a free gift bag of chips were offered to each of the campers.


The final stop of the trip was at Tower Grove park where kids enjoyed some  time in the sun along with the sandwiches and brownies they prepared the day before.

The rest of the afternoon flew by quickly when we arrived back on campus. The kids enjoyed a baking lesson from Chef Todd followed by a science experiment in the food lab.




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