Camp 2018

Northern Europe Update!

Hello parent and friends! We’re here to give you a little update on how our week’s been going, so keep reading to find out all of the fun things we’ve been up to!


On Tuesday we went on a field trip, which meant… PEACHES! We went to a place called Braeutigam Orchards, in Belleville, IL. It was super fun and all of the kids got to take home a bag of freshly picked peaches. They also got to learn more about how to garden, and what conditions are ideal for plant growth.

After returning from the field trip, we made some delicious lemon sugar cookies with Chef Todd down in the Fresh Gatherings bakery! Then we did a quick food science experiment in the kitchen before heading home for the day!


On Wednesday, we spent some time in the garden learning about disability awareness and how to be more sensitive to people who have disabilities. Then we headed up to the kitchen to start making our lunch! Wednesday’s lunch was kind of crazy. We made, tomato-, onion-, and cheese-stuffed turkey sausages! (Or attempted to…)


We also made an amazing spinach, walnut, apple, and avocado salad, along with some tasty sweet rolls!



After lunch, physical activity, and some nutrition education, we went back to the kitchen to prep for Friday’s parent party!


Today was a super fun day! And definitely an exhausting one for us counselors and for the kids. First, we spend a few hours in the garden harvesting a TON of fruits and veggies!

Below is a picture of the kids field washing the fruits and vegetables, which was done to clean any dirt off the plants before giving them to Fresh Gatherings. 

Below are the picture of everything we harvested today! It included cucumbers, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, Swiss chard, tomatillos, and peaches!

After the garden, we went up to the kitchen to prepare a meal for Campus Kitchen, an organization that gives food to those in need. We prepared steak, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and trail mix. IMG_4208


Later, we ate a delicious lunch prepared for us by Fresh Gatherings before heading out to deliver the food we had prepared to Campus Kitchen. Then we went straight to SLUruba! (SLU’s outdoor pool) It was super fun getting to enjoy the sunshine and play some games in the water!

Around this time we were all pooped from a long and fun day. So we headed back to Fresh Gatherings so we could all go home. We look forward to seeing everyone at the parent party tomorrow! Get ready for some amazing food!