Camp 2017

Week 8: Latin American Fiesta


Monday we got to plant in the garden in the morning. After coming in and getting introduced to the kitchen we began making out lunch for the day. After lunch we went outside and played “Johnny can I cross your bridge” and then learned about MyPlate. In the afternoon we made lunches for our field trip Tuesday, and played a few more games.

Tuesday we headed out to Braeutigam Orchards. We took a tour of the farm, played with the chickens and farm cats, picked peaches & blackberries, and also got to try some of the farms products. After the farm, we headed to a park to cool down and enjoy our lunch. We finished the afternoon by making some caramel corn and playing some games while waiting to be picked up.

We started the morning off right, with bacon!
The boys working together to do the dishes, while the girls cooked. Now that’s what I call team work!
Slicing up some fruit for lunch.
Playing “Johnny can I cross your bridge.”
The kids trying to escape “Johnny”
Making our delicious black bean brownies!
Our view from the farm.
Picking Peaches
Spree showing us her peach eyes!
The kids with the chickens and turkeys.
Melani “sampling the product.”
The campers picking blackberries.
Group photo!
Our snack for Tuesday, caramel corn.



Wednesday we started off our day in the garden with a guest speaker. Michael from Paraquad came out to talk to us about disability awareness. The kids got to use some adaptive utensils for the kitchen, got to water the garden while “visually impaired”, and got to try out how people in a wheelchair get around. We cooked a delicious lunch of tacos and got to enjoy the rest of the day cooking.


Thursday we started in the garden and harvested some peppers. We cooked empanadas for lunch, and the kids loved them so much, we ate them all! We then went on a scavenger hunt, and had a special surprise for snack for all the hard work!


The girls cutting on a one handed cutting board.

Marilyn T