Camp 2018

Northern Europe Update!

Hello parent and friends! We’re here to give you a little update on how our week’s been going, so keep reading to find out all of the fun things we’ve been up to!


On Tuesday we went on a field trip, which meant… PEACHES! We went to a place called Braeutigam Orchards, in Belleville, IL. It was super fun and all of the kids got to take home a bag of freshly picked peaches. They also got to learn more about how to garden, and what conditions are ideal for plant growth.

After returning from the field trip, we made some delicious lemon sugar cookies with Chef Todd down in the Fresh Gatherings bakery! Then we did a quick food science experiment in the kitchen before heading home for the day!


On Wednesday, we spent some time in the garden learning about disability awareness and how to be more sensitive to people who have disabilities. Then we headed up to the kitchen to start making our lunch! Wednesday’s lunch was kind of crazy. We made, tomato-, onion-, and cheese-stuffed turkey sausages! (Or attempted to…)


We also made an amazing spinach, walnut, apple, and avocado salad, along with some tasty sweet rolls!



After lunch, physical activity, and some nutrition education, we went back to the kitchen to prep for Friday’s parent party!


Today was a super fun day! And definitely an exhausting one for us counselors and for the kids. First, we spend a few hours in the garden harvesting a TON of fruits and veggies!

Below is a picture of the kids field washing the fruits and vegetables, which was done to clean any dirt off the plants before giving them to Fresh Gatherings. 

Below are the picture of everything we harvested today! It included cucumbers, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, Swiss chard, tomatillos, and peaches!

After the garden, we went up to the kitchen to prepare a meal for Campus Kitchen, an organization that gives food to those in need. We prepared steak, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and trail mix. IMG_4208


Later, we ate a delicious lunch prepared for us by Fresh Gatherings before heading out to deliver the food we had prepared to Campus Kitchen. Then we went straight to SLUruba! (SLU’s outdoor pool) It was super fun getting to enjoy the sunshine and play some games in the water!

Around this time we were all pooped from a long and fun day. So we headed back to Fresh Gatherings so we could all go home. We look forward to seeing everyone at the parent party tomorrow! Get ready for some amazing food!

Camp 2018

Day 1 in Northern Europe!!!

Hello! Today we had a great start to our week as we kick off our Northern European theme!

Morning Gardening

As always, we started our day off in the garden. We spent some time learning about how to act in the garden and how to carefully use the gardening tools. We discussed how our garden is completely organic, which means we can try anything from the garden at any time! (Yum!)

It was a perfect foggy morning, which made it very comfortable. We ended up weeding a LOT in the high tunnel, in preparation for the fall plants.

We then laid down fresh compost (or “black gold”) in the beds, to add nutrients to the soil! We even ended up finding some veggies that had been left behind during the harvest!

On to the Kitchen

Around 10am, we headed up to the kitchen to prepare our lunch! Our menu consisted of eggplant parmesan, a chicken couscous kale mix, and fruit salad.

The campers did an AMAZING job and the food turned out great! After lunch, we headed outside to do some relay races and play some games before returning to the kitchen for round 2!

Afternoon Fun

When we got to the kitchen, we started on our lunch for Tuesday’s field trip, which included turkey hummus wraps and black bean brownies! And that concludes our Monday funday adventures for this week! Stay tuned to hear more about what we’re doing here at SLU Culinary Camp!!!

Camp 2018

Week 7 (July 23-27th 2018) “Everything But Flour”

This week’s theme is “Everything But Flour.” It may sound scary but using a common staple in the kitchen however as campers will find out this week, it is a lot easier than people think. Inspired by one of our very own counselors who has celiac disease, we decided this year to take a whole week off from flour or any products that contain gluten. Sometimes this means a simple swap like using corn tortillas instead of flour but other times it involves using different ingredients like xanthum gum which we don’t use on a regular basis. 


Harvest DAY!! Today is harvest day which means we harvest lots of fruits and vegetables from the garden that campers this week and previous weeks have worked hard planting, weeding, feeding, and growing all summer long! Today we harvested lots of things such as cucumbers, grapes, malabar spinach, cayenne peppers, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, rainbow chard, and some kale too. The kids had fun picking (and eating) it along the way.

After working hard in the garden, we were on a mission to cook lunch for the Campus Kitchen Project. CKP is a national leader in community service and the future of hunger relief. They have recovered over 7 million pounds of food since 2001. The St. Louis chapter happens to be at SLU that recovers food from Campus Kitchen and serves a number of people in the area. Today we made apple crisp, mixed vegetables, and turkey pasta for them. Check out the pictures below!



Wednesday was disability awareness day. This means that during the garden portion of the day we have guests speakers from Paraquad (a St. Louis organization that empowers people with disabilities) come talk with the campers and tell their stories. Some of the activities they did were writing their name in braille, learn how to write their name with loss of hand functioning and attempted to move around in wheelchairs. Overall, the kiddos learned a lot and had fun while doing so!

Then in the later part of the morning we headed for the kitchen to cook ground turkey enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce, fresh corn tortillas, homemade guacamole, and fresh pineapple for dessert. I think a majority of the kids would tell you this is their favorite meal so far!

Today was also a little special in the fact that it was one of our lead counselor’s birthdays. As we sang to her happy birthday, we presented her with a delicious scone from the bakery in the cafe and gave a HUGE group hug to wish her the best birthday ever as you can see in the pictures below.

In the afternoon we made kale chips and learned how to use piping bags for our stuffed strawberries.



Today we went to Marcoot Creamery for our field trip. It was loads of fun. Marcoot has 100 Jersey cows that are now robotically milked 4 -6 times a day! The kids started off the field trip with a tour of  the facility, petting baby cows (and two goats!) and then watching how cheese is made at Marcoot! We even got to taste the sharp cheddar cheese. We finished off the tour with some of their homemade ice cream that is only sold at their location, but no worries you can find their cheese at almost any grocery store in the greater St. Louis area and even some stores in Illinois. Check out the pictures from our wonderful and fun filled field trip!

camp 5camp 3

camp 2


Monday morning we started off in the garden learning about what an organic garden is and how to take care of ourselves and other in a garden. We then got straight to work by weeding garden beds and planting lettuce and turnips for the fall.


After some fun in the garden, we headed up to the kitchen where campers prepared their own lunch. Today on the menu was chicken stir fry with rice, fruit salad, and spinach salad on the side. Check out these photos from this morning!

We finished off the afternoon by cooking turkey wraps, fruit cups, and gluten free chocolate chip cookies. That way we have a delicious lunch waiting for us after our field trip tomorrow at Marcoot Creamery!

Camp 2018

July 20th – Julia Child Week!

Today, we picked herbs in the garden for the campers to grow at home. We also made Boo-boo Sav, a gel with an herb from the garden that heals cuts and abrasions, and sugar scrub with olive oil and herbs.


We then made our way up to the kitchen to make a Julia Child-style lunch! Lunch was creamy chicken mushroom, grated beet salad, and fruit salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes.


After playing some capture the flag and freeze dance outside, we learned about food labels from Miss Georgia.


We then closed out our week by making dinner for the parent party. We made Coq Au Vin (Chicken and Red Wine), Cinnamon Toast Flan, and Zucchini Au Gratin.


We had such a fun week making French Foods according to Julia Child! Everyone, including the counselors, learned a lot!

Julia Child

Camp 2018

July 18th – Julia Child Week!

Today was harvest day in the garden! We started out by picking plums, onions, herbs and flowers for Fresh Gatherings. The kids were really excited to be out in the garden, trying new herbs and catching bugs!

Allie and Georgia Culinary Camp
Miss Georgia and Miss Allie show off the bouquets we made for Fresh Gatherings!

After the garden, we made meals for Campus Kitchen, a kitchen at SLU that makes meals for those who don’t get regular meals with leftover grocery store food. We made a turkey and rice meal that included turkey, rice, peas, and green peppers, in addition to orange and grapefruit slices and a desert of trail mix.

We then learned about food marketing techniques that get us to buy certain foods, particularly junk foods. It was a little gross – but really interesting!

Miss Molly teaching about food marketing

We then had lunch and headed to the pool! The kids were excited to be in the pool – especially since the rain stayed away for us to swim!


Camp 2018

July 18th – Julia Child Week!

Today we started out in the garden learning about how people with disabilities cook food. We worked with cutting boards and utensils made for people with disabilities. After that, we made lunch! For lunch, we had sweet and savory crepes according to Julia Child’s recipe. The sweet crepes had a filling of honey, chocolate, strawberries, and sunbutter. The savory crepes had a filling of butter, herbs, garlic, and chicken. We also had Diced and Spiced Potatoes and fruit salad.


After lunch, we enjoyed the nice weather with an exciting game of Freeze Dance. After that, we learned about the importance of vitamins and minerals.

Freeze Dance!

In the afternoon, we made Julia Child’s broccoli cheddar soup!

Camp 2018

July 17th – Julia Child Week!

Today started out with a field trip Kraut Run Farm. First, we learned about composting and turned and sifted soil for the compost. Then, we planted buckwheat! We also learned about friends and foes of the garden. We also got to visit baby pigs and chickens! We also helped the farmer make steel boxes for his plants. After that, we ate the lunches we made yesterday at a nearby park.

Planting Buckwheat at Kraut Run Farm

After the field trip, we made cheesecake with Chef Todd!

The campers are excited for cheesecake!
Learning about the ingredients of cheesecake