Thursday- Tots Week, Anything Goes!

We started the day off with harvesting! The tots were thrilled to harvest crates full of swiss chard and peaches. They had lots of fun ending garden time with playing a sponge relay game with water!


After cooking for campus kitchen, the kids were driven to the pool where they spent the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_6262 (2).JPG


Tots Week- Anything Goes! July 2018


On Monday we started the day off weeding and planting bushel beans in the garden. Then we were very busy in the kitchen cooking up our own lunch. We made homemade macaroni and cheese as well as sautéed sugar snap peas and fruit salad. After nutrition bingo and learning about MyPlate we went back to work! We finished our day off baking black bean brownies, and cooking chicken mango salad for our field trip lunch on Tuesday.IMG_3657.jpeg


Tuesday was filled with tons of excitement: Field Trip day! The kids loaded into the vans for a drive to Maryland Heights and a tour of Companion Bakery. The campers learned that Companion Bakery makes thousands of pounds of bread per day, and even got the chance to try new cookies made in a food science experiment.

After the tour, we headed to Forest Park to eat lunch and play on the playground.


Tired and bellies full, campers headed back to campus for bake time with Chef Todd where they made tarts.


Wednesday started off in the garden where a guest speaker talked to the campers about occupational therapy and disability awareness. The kids were given special tools that simulated working with various disabilities in the garden or kitchen. The rest of the day was filled with cooking. After cooking lunch, which consisted of homemade baked chicken nuggets, Parmesan corn on the cob, and fruit salad, the kids played outside. After coming in and learning about vitamins and minerals, the kids headed back up to the kitchen to prepare food for Friday’s parent party.


Perhaps the best part of the day was the kids wishing Meagan a ‘happy birthday’!