2019 Themes for Each Week

  • Week 1: Indian Cuisine


  • Week 2: Northern European Cuisine


  • Week 3: Love Your Veggies! (Vegetarian)


  • Week 4: Gluten-Free


  • Week 5: Mexican Cuisine


  • Week 6: Picnic-Style


  • Week 7: Holiday Food


  • Week 8: Mediterranean Cuisine (Southern European)



8 thoughts on “2019 Themes for Each Week

    1. Hello Karen,
      We do have programs periodically with schools around the St. Louis area. We have worked with L’Ouverture Middle School on a variety of after school programs where we walk the kids to the garden and then prepare foods in our food lab. We have also gone to Sigel Elementary School and Marian Middle School to teach gardening and cooking. And, occasionally we will go to an individual school and do an education. So, to answer your question, yes and no. It isn’t the same program, but we pull aspects of the camp in a variety of different programs. I hope this answers your question. Thanks!

      Lauren Landfried

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