Themes for Each Week

2017 Culinary Camp Themes

Global Kitchens (June 5-9)

Explore different cuisines from around the world such as Asian, African, Mediterranean, and even heading down to Central America for some delicious food. Campers will not only get to try some ethnic dishes, but learn about it too with many unique cooking techniques and skills. Come join us for a really adventurous week!

Into the Woods (June 12-16)

Do you love camping? Do you love s’mores? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this camp is for you! Campers will be taking some of their favorite foods like burgers, chili, and breadsticks and reinventing them over a fire. Come into the woods with us and go camping!

Mystery Basket (June 19-23) (ages 13-19)

If you are ready to be surprised, then sign up for this camp now! Every morning campers will find a different arrangement of ingredients that will be used in preparing the menu for the day. All ingredients will promote fresh, local, and healthy eating while encouraging campers to think on their feet.

 Vegetarian (June 26-30)

Calling all veggie lovers! There are many reasons why people choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle, making this one of the top growing food trends in America. This camp is the perfect introductory session to practicing meatless cooking by including delicious healthy recipes that prove you don’t need meat to make a meal. If you have been considering or already are a vegetarian or you are a meat lover who wants to explore more veggies, then this camp is for you!

One Ingredient, Three Ways (July 10-14) (ages 5-8)

If you love being creative, then this camp is a must! Campers will be given a different ingredient every day that they will prepare multiple dishes ranging from appetizer to dessert. For example, campers might find raspberries as the secret ingredient and then use them in dishes such as crostinis with a raspberry topping, raspberry lemonade, and raspberry ice-cream.

Back to the Basics (July 17-21)

If you haven’t had much experience in the kitchen before, this one is for you. We all start somewhere so why not start with simpler recipes like spaghetti and meatballs or chicken noodle soup to get our taste buds going. You can still bet on fresh ingredients and local produce to make a well balanced meal!

All American Favorites (July 24-28)

For most Americans, summer means hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and ice cream. Even though some of these are absolutely on the menu, campers will discover regional summer favorites from coast to coast. So, pack your taste buds and come take a summer road trip while discovering true American favorites!

Latin American Fiesta (July 31- August 4)

Who doesn’t love taco Tuesday? Without a doubt, the Latin American cuisine has become a staple in a lot of American’s meals. Campers will learn and prepare their favorite latin dishes like tacos, salsas, guacamole, tortilla chips, quesadillas, rice pudding, and more!





8 thoughts on “Themes for Each Week

    1. Hello Karen,
      We do have programs periodically with schools around the St. Louis area. We have worked with L’Ouverture Middle School on a variety of after school programs where we walk the kids to the garden and then prepare foods in our food lab. We have also gone to Sigel Elementary School and Marian Middle School to teach gardening and cooking. And, occasionally we will go to an individual school and do an education. So, to answer your question, yes and no. It isn’t the same program, but we pull aspects of the camp in a variety of different programs. I hope this answers your question. Thanks!

      Lauren Landfried

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