2018 Week 1: Indian Street Food!!

Monday June 4th:


Hello, happy first week of Culinary Camp 2018!! We’re excited to welcome 15 campers both new and old this session for a whole week of fun! On Monday we started the first day of camp at the garden, where we learned all about garden safety and how to take care of garden tools. We even had to chance to do some planting of our own!

After garden time, we headed up to the food lab to start making our lunch for the afternoon, the menu included curried kidney beans, carrot soup, and Indian chapati bread.

After eating lunch we headed outside to play some “sharks and minnows” and then we learned all about MyPlate. Later in the afternoon we headed back up to the food lab to make our lunches for our field trip on Tuesday! We made wraps with turkey, avocado, spinach, cheese and hummus. We also made black bean brownies and fruit cups!


Making carrot soup for todays lunch!!



Rolling out the dough for our Indian Chapati Bread!!


Anisa doing a great job frying up the bread for lunch!!


Lunch is served!!!


Pouring the batter for our black bean brownies!!


Tuesday, June 5th:

Tuesday is field trip day, and our two stops of the day were the Urban Harvest Rooftop Garden and the Herbaria soap factory. At the Urban Harvest garden we had to opportunity talk with Miss Tyler to learn all about how the garden was built, and what plants were growing there. We even had the chance to taste some of the plants and pet some chickens!

Next, we headed over to Herbaria soap factory where we learned all about then difference between soap and detergent, we even got to watch soap maker, Blake, cutting the new bars of soap.

After our tour of the factory, we went to Tower Grove Park to eat the picnic lunches we packed on Monday, and spend some time outside on the playground.

Once back at SLU we went back to the kitchens to bake chocolate crinkle cookies with Chef Todd, and do some fun science experiments.


Learning all about hydroponic gardening on the roof with Miss Tyler


Ava and Jack meet Bleu the Chicken


Watching Blake the soap maker cut into a brand new block of soap


Chef Todd teaching the campers all about baking cookies!