Week 4, 2014: Regional America


Welcome to the Gardens to Tables Culinary Camp blog! This week we will be traveling regional America and discovering cuisines unique to different states.


We started today in the garden and learned about what it means to be an organic farm. We took a tour of the SLU garden and even got to try our hands at some gardening!


Then, we kicked off our road trip around the U.S. with some east coast foods. The kids made New York style pizza for lunch. Everyone loved getting to knead their own dough and top their own pizza!




The pizza made a very delicious lunch!


We also had a wonderful New England Mixed Greens Salad with Maple-mustard Vinaigrette




Everyone was so proud of their finished pizzas!



Day 2

Today was another great day at Culinary Camp!

In the morning, we took a field trip to Earth Dance, which is an organic farm. The campers learned about organic farming and were able to help out with some of the farming! We met some chickens and tried some Earth Dance carrots. They were delicious!

After lunch, we started cooking again! We left the East coast behind and moved on to the South. We cooked Texas Chilli con Carne, made our own Southern Pepper Jelly, and baked delicious buttermilk cheddar biscuits. Mmmmm!

Chopping away!




Getting ready for that chilli!20140624_134526_resized20140624_135309_resized20140624_140737_resized20140624_143516_resized20140624_143641_resized20140624_144550_resized


Here is our chilli and the pepper jelly–the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy!20140624_144610_resized20140624_144911_resized


Don’t these biscuits look delicious?20140624_145054_resized20140624_145636_resizedimage_1image_2image_3image_4image_5image_6image_7Come back tomorrow to see some Midwestern classics!


Day 3

Wednesday is disability awareness day at Culinary Camp, so we spent our morning learning about different disabilities.

We started with making chicken feed while wearing leg braces.



One of our counselors, an occupational therapy student, showed us some kitchen tools if a person only had the use of one hand. We practiced cutting apples and lettuce with the equipment.








We even were able to see what life in a wheelchair would be like!





We found an egg!!





After a great morning in the garden, we headed back to the cooking school for some Midwestern cooking. For lunch, we made Missouri barbecue and creamy Kansas coleslaw. Delicious!

There was a lot of cutting that needed to be done!






Our barbecue sauce was so delicious!






Our coleslaw was amazing!





What a yummy lunch!


After lunch, we went outside and played an exciting game of “Mother, may I”



After a few games, we started cooking again. During the afternoon, we made Southwestern food–pico de gallo and portabello and poblano fajitas. We also made a huckleberry barbecue sauce for sliders.




The portabella mushrooms were HUGE!



It’s always to get your mise-en-place (ingredients in place) before cooking






We can’t wait for the appetizer party! All of the food will be so good!


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