Week 7: American Favorites!

This week begins week 7 of culinary camp! Theme: American Favorites. We started our week off with a wonderful toasty morning in the garden, getting to know one another and BEAUTIFUL mother nature. We met our fabulous gardeners Marilyn and Sarah who showed us how to plant potatoes!


We then oriented ourselves to the kitchen and reviewed our first set of CLASSIC AMERICAN recipes! The menu consisted of good ole’ American hamburgers, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries with a side of melon! The kids were elbows deep in hamburger meat, excited to see if their patties could live up to their mom/dad’s infamous 4th of July grilled favorites.

2017-07-24 11.50.57.jpg



2017-07-24 12.00.20                    2017-07-24 12.00.04

Lots of practice chopping fruits and veggies! IMG_6153.JPG                      IMG_6155.JPG


Teamwork measuring ingredients for today’s lunch & snack!


After, we enjoyed a nice recess filled with fun and games, which prepared us to come back and focus on Nutrition Education, where we discussed the principles of MyPlate and an overall healthful diet!

We decided to again busy ourselves in the kitchen, preparing bagged lunches in anticipation for tomorrows adventures: Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolatier and Companion Bakery.

IMG_6161.JPG  IMG_6160.JPG

Everyone was very excited to have nutritious version of their favorite dessert: black bean brownies!

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